Best Waterproof Flashlights – [Top Picks 2020 Reviews]

Whether you’re camping or preparing your emergency bag, you need a handy, waterproof flashlights. Why waterproof, you say? You’ll never know what will happen next in an emergency situation. A storm can turn to a flood, or a camping trip can become a wet adventure in just minutes. And because of these unexpected turn of events, you need at least two, three, or more waterproof flashlights at home and at your person all the time.

Brionac LED Waterproof Flashlight
Brionac – Best Waterproof Flashlights – Image credit from Amazon

Aside from being waterproof, a flashlight also has to have an adjustable LED light, longer-lasting batteries, and an easy to carry design. And whether you’re looking for a new waterproof flashlight or you need to replace an old model, we’re ready to help with the ten best waterproof flashlights.

#1. BRIONAC LED Waterproof Flashlights

Brionac LED Flashlight

The BRIONAC LED waterproof flashlights list is a top-quality T6 LED flashlight that’s from the US CREE, a popular company. It is designed to illuminate a large room and to focus on any object that’s 1200 ft. The way in a dark area. It is powered by three AAA batteries or a single 18650 rechargeable type battery.

This bright LED flashlight comes with different modes: low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS. The body is made from an aluminum alloy, which is strong and very durable. The tubes are thick and have improved circuitry. When fully charged or using fresh batteries, this will shine brightly for 7 hours. The T6 comes with a 100,000-hour lifespan.

This flashlight may be clipped on your belt, on your bag handle, and in your pocket. It also comes with an anti-slip ring at the tail so it won’t fall off. And of course, it is water-resistant, so you can use it in a storm, the rain or snow.

Conclusion: The BRIONAC LED flashlight is a very bright, long-lasting flashlight that’s ideal for wet conditions like rain, storm, or snow. It is durable, made from durable materials, and is designed to provide bright lighting up to 7 hours when using freshly-charged batteries or new batteries. It is easy to carry anywhere and could be the waterproof flashlight you have been looking for.

– Longer-lasting bulb
– With zoom capabilities
– May be carried anywhere
– Made from very durable materials
– Very bright, can see objects 1200 ft. away

– No handles
– The power button is too small
– You need to cycle through modes to power off

#2. Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 LED Waterproof Flashlights

Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight

The Anker Rechargeable Bolder is a pocket-sized flashlight/torch that comes with a very bright 900 lumens bulb. It comes with a very bright Cree LED that can illuminate objects 660 feet away or 200 meters away and can also reach 1000 ft. You may also zoom to the object using a very narrow beam. It has five different settings: SOS, strobe, low, medium, and high settings.

It comes with long-lasting power with an always bright light using a rechargeable 3350mAjh battery. LEDS can last for 50000 hours, and this flashlight will recharge in a matter of six hours using a 1A adapter. This flashlight is also IPX5 water resistant and may be used even when it’s raining heavily. It comes with a very strong aluminum body, which is also shock-resistant, and thus it’s perfect for hunting, camping, and fishing.

Outside, the Anker Rechargeable Bolder has a compact design that has an anti-slip finish. This makes it easy to hold and will never slip from your hand. You may also let this sit on top of your table or cabinet and use it as an emergency beacon.

Conclusion: The Anker Rechargeable waterproof flashlights on this list is very bright at 900-lumen maximum setting, with a long-lasting light that can last up to six hours using the medium mode. It is also very tough and is reliable, especially during cold and wet weather. It is easy to carry anywhere and fits your pocket. It is a good emergency, camping, or fishing flashlight to check out.

– Very bright light
– Anti-slip finish
– Long-lasting light
– Pocket-friendly design
– Water-resistant, durable body

– You must cycle through modes

#3. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000

The GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight that comes with a very bright and long-lasting light. It can instantly light a large room and will let you see things that are 1000 ft. away. It is bright, brighter than two incandescent light bulbs. It uses three AAA batteries or one rechargeable battery. It is compact and may be adjusted according to your needs. It comes with five modes, namely low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS lighting. You can adjust this from a wide to narrow beam to easily see things in front of you. This is compact and water-resistant. And even when this is dropped from a 10-foot height, it will stay safe and will still work. To prove its durability, it can be submerged underwater or frozen, and this will still work.

Conclusion: The GearLight LED lamp has a very bright light that lasts for a long time. It can reach objects that are up to 10000 feet and is also brighter compared to regular fluorescent lighting. It is adjustable, water-resistant, and indestructible. It is suitable to use during demanding situations such as storms, floods, rain, snow, or any kind of emergency.

– Adjustable with five modes
– Compact, easy to take anywhere
– Very bright and will last longer
– Water-resistant and indestructible
– This is a two flashlight in one offer

– No handle
– Need to cycle through modes to get the one you want

#4. NoCry 18W Waterproof Flashlights

NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight

The NoCry waterproof rechargeable flashlight is not the usual small, pocket-sized LED light because it’s a spotlight. It is a 1000-lumen LED light with a removable red filter for emergency lighting. This is a very bright light with a high, medium, and low setting. It can shine brightly up to 20 hrs. using its rechargeable 7.4-volt 18500 Lithium-ion battery that will stay charged even when kept for a very long time.

This waterproof flashlight is impact-resistant and will never sink and thus is perfect to use during floods. It is made from ABS material and polystyrene that makes it very durable and can withstand bumps and drops. It is waterproof up to 3 feet. And despite all these cool features, it is lightweight, and thus it’s easy to carry anywhere. Your purchase comes with an adjustable stand so you can use it hands-free.

Conclusion: The NoCry rechargeable waterproof flashlights on this list is a spotlight that has different modes of high, medium, and low settings. It is rechargeable, impact-resistant, and waterproof up to three feet and will never skink. It is lightweight and thus easy to carry. It could be the LED spotlight you need for camping and for emergencies.

– Powerful light
– With adjustable stand
– Rechargeable spotlight
– Lightweight easy to carry
– Waterproof, impact-resistant and will not sink

– Poor battery shelf life
– Need to toggle through modes to find the one you need

#5. J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlights

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight

The J5 Tactical V1-Pro is a bright flashlight with a long-lasting light that will instantly light up any indoor space and will focus on any object that’s located up to 600 feet away. It uses only one AA battery or one 14500 rechargeable battery. This is a compact and adjustable LED flashlight that comes with three settings (low, high, and strobe settings). The beam is wide to narrow zoom that makes it perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, dog-walking, and backpacking. Also, this is a very durable flashlight. It is water-resistant, indestructible and can survive to fall from a height of 9 feet. You can use this in dry or wet weather, snow, rain, hail or storm.

Conclusion: The J5 Tactical V1-Pro flashlight is a bright light with a long-lasting lamp. It is a compact flashlight that is fully adjustable with three different modes. It is also water-resistant, indestructible and will survive a drop of 9 feet. It is available in six colors and is easy to take anywhere. It could be the durable flashlight you’ve been looking for.

– All-weather flashlight
– Focusable and compact design
– Very bright and will last long
– Small size, may be placed in your pocket
– Water-resistant and very durable/indestructible

– No handle
– Too bright

#6. Dorcy Waterproof Battery Powered Floating LED Flashlights

Dorcy Waterproof Battery Powered Floating LED Flashlight

The Dorcy Waterproof Battery-Powered flashlight comes with a very bright light at 200 lumens. It has a very durable body, water-resistant construction, and comes with shock-absorbent rubber. With three fresh AA batteries, this will last for 17 hours. This flashlight comes with a 67-meter beam with a 200-lumen power ideal for camping, fishing, and backpacking in the wilderness.

Conclusion: The Dorcy waterproof flashlights of this list is battery-powered and is very bright at 200-lumen. It is durable, will stand wet and dry conditions, and drops from a certain height. It is well-made with a shock-resistant rubber. It will give you 17 hours of power using only three AA batteries. It is a handy, easy to use a waterproof flashlight that will surely make a good emergency and camping flashlight.

– Long beam
– Water-resistant
– Very long run time
– With super bright light
– Durable with shock-absorbing rubber

– Light is too dispersed
– Too large to keep in your pocket

#7. RovyVon Aurora A3 650 Waterproof Flashlight

RovyVon 650 Lumens Super Bright Outdoor EDC Mini Keychain Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The RovyVon 650 lumens is a very bright outdoor rechargeable LED light that comes with a generous warranty. It is bright at 650 lumens at maximum output. It comes with four modes from very low, low, medium, and high modes. It is rechargeable with a micro-USB port to charge it using a standard charger. It takes only 70-minutes for a full charge. The body is made from hard-anodizing aluminum alloy material. It won’t fade and has a compact structure. It is also water resistant at IPX-65. It can be used in the rain, snow or in activities where you can get splashed with water.

Conclusion: The RovyVon flashlight is very bright, rechargeable, and is made from very durable materials. It is water-proof, and compact and thus can be used in any weather but not submerged completely in water. It is a suitable flashlight in the rain, snow, and wet weather.

– Four modes
– Easy to operate
– Small and compact
– Very durable material
– Super-bright with 650 lumens

– No handle
– Need to move through modes to find the one you need

#8. VOLADOR Diving Flashlight

VOLADOR Diving Flashlight

The VOLADOR Diving Flashlight is waterproof and may be taken up to 150 meters underwater. Inside is an amazing XM-L2 LED that can last more than 50,000 hours. You will get up to 1000 lumens of very bright light underwater. It has an updated design including a magnetic tail switch, multiple modes (high, medium, low, and strobe), but if you want to go to strobe, just press the button for about two seconds. It can run up to 1-1.5 hours continuously.

It is waterproof. Made from aircraft-quality aluminum, and hence it’s ideal as professional equipment for scuba and snorkeling equipment.

– Bright underwater
– With high-quality LED
– Professional lighting tool
– Made from durable materials
– Waterproof with special sealing design

– Non-adjustable beam

#9. InkoTimes LED Tactical Waterproof Flashlight

InkoTimes LED Tactical Flashlight

The Inko Times LED flashlight is a tactical flashlight that’s very bright and has five modes (low, medium, high, strobe/emergency modes). It brighter at 80% from all regular flashlights and can even illuminate anything that’s 1200 feet from you. This is fully-adjustable, easy to carry in your pockets, and is waterproof and indestructible. You can drop this up 12 feet and maybe submerged for a short time in the water. This is ideal for use in wet water conditions such as rain, snow, or storm.

Conclusion: The Inko Times LED flashlight is very bright, adjustable, long-lasting, and indestructible. It is waterproof and may be dropped in water for a short while. It is useful in wet weather and great for camping, backpacking, and daily use.

– Compact
– Very bright with five modes
– Waterproof and indestructible
– Can work in freezing conditions
– Battery-powered or rechargeable battery-powered

– Complaints about the strobe light function

#10. NITENUMEN USB Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight

NITENUMEN USB Rechargeable Flashlight

The NITENUMEN USB is a rechargeable flashlight that’s long-lasting with Li-ion battery that may be recharged for more than 500 times. The red light and blue light on the body of the flashlight can indicate if it’s low battery or it’s fully charged. It is easy to use, with different modes (turbo, high, mid, low, eco mode, strobe, and SOS mode). It is suitable for traveling, cycling, camping, and hiking.

Conclusion: The NITENUMEN USB –rechargeable flashlight is very bright and can be submerged in water. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, with a body clip, lanyard, and a holster for easy and compact use. It may be the waterproof flashlight you need for any outdoor activity or for daily use.

– Easy to use
– Compact and convenient
– Waterproof and shockproof
– With complete accessories
– With LED charging indicators

– Non-adjustable light beam

Final Verdict

From our top ten best waterproof flashlights list, the BRIONAC LED flashlight is our best choice. It is very bright, with a long-lasting light and it’s best for wet weather conditions like rain, storm or snow. It is durable and easy to carry anywhere. It may be the outdoor or daily flashlight you’ve been looking for.

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