Best Torch Lighters To Help You Light Just About Anything in 2021

To make it easy lighting cigarette, grill, burner, BBQ, and whatever shall be burned and sacrificed for the greater goods, we came up with this list of the top 10 best torch lighters for 2021.

Whether you are a DIY genius, an enthusiastic cook, an adventurous camper, a mechanic geek, or a cigar smoker, torch lighters often comes in handy for tasks like soldering DIY jewelry, ridding surface bubbles in art resin, BBQ, caramelizing food, and especially for outdoor tasks like camping where the wind is strong and your lighter needs to be stronger.

Whatever use you have for torch lighters, this best torch lighters list will find you the right one for your purpose.

List of The Best Torch Lighters

#1. Tintec Chef Cooking Torch Lighters

Culinary Blow Torch, Tintec Chef Cooking Torch Lighter

The Culinary Blow Torch Lighters list is small and super lightweight because of its light aluminum alloy shell. Besides that, it is compatible with different kinds of butane can and you can adjust the flame size to suit each purpose of use. When used, its wide-set base helps keep the torch from tipping and afterward, you can lock the lights when not in use for safety reasons. These features make it a great safe torch lighter for multi-purpose uses from kitchen uses to jewelry soldering and as a survival tool.

It serves longer with a high-temperature resistant muzzle and a 12-month worry-free warranty from Tintec with the addition of a free lifetime technical support.

Conclusion: It can be used for different purposes, soldering jewelry, ridding surface bubbles on your art resin, as a survival gadget, camping, barbecuing in your yard, Caramelizing food, etc.

– ABS plastic handle
– Tipping-prevention base
– Small and lightweight
– Adjustable flame size
– High-temperature resistant muzzle
– Security lock prevents an accident
– Lightweight Aluminum Alloy shell

– N/A

#2. Kywa Honest Quad Torch Lighters

Honest Quad Torch Lighter Tabletop Refillable Butane Gas Red Flame Cigar Tobacco Lighter

The Honest Quad Torch Lighter is the most elegant and sleek lighter to pull out amidst a party and light up all your friends’ cigar in one-click flash. It features adjustable flame controller at the bottom and large capacity of refillable butane gas for longer use. It lights up your cigar quickly with powerful and wind-proof jet of red flame and comes with a cigar punch at the bottom for your convenience.

Conclusion: Smoke handsomely with the Honest Quad Lighter in your hand, a very beautiful and classy cigar lighter with craftsmanship, and consistent flame.

– Powerful and windproof
– Adjustable flame controller
– Cigar punch attachment
– Super high quality zinc alloy and leather

– N/A

#3. Mantello Cigarette Torch Lighter

Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter

The Mantello Catador is another stylish cigarette torch lighters. Although it has that old lighter design, it comes with cool 3 finger grip and a cigar punch attachment, the parts that make it a lot cooler. Just like many others, it features adjustable flame.

Conclusion: It is a choice for a premium-looking cigar lighter.

– 3 finger grip
– Adjustable Flame
– Cigar Punch Attachment
– 1 Year limited warranty
– Premium Cigar/Cigarette Lighter
– Powerful, triple jet flame torch

– N/A

#4. Megainvo Torch Lighter Butane Gas

Torch Lighter Jet Lighter Gas Butane Lighter Blow Torch Lighter

This gas lighter is the perfect length to reach gas stove, candle wicks, to light up places that are hard to reach, without the hazard of burning your hand like with a match or small lighter. Measuring 40 cm in total length, it features 13 cm flexible neck that can turn 360° around and bend down to 45° angle. For more flexibility, it features fuel adjustment by valve not screw driver, so you can control the flame height (1.5-2.0CM) right on spot for various needs.

It refills up to 5ml of gas for up to 1000 ignitions and can operates under heavy weather, with splash and wind proof. Once used, lock up the child-safety switch and put it away after the head cools down.

Conclusion: You can twist, bend, turn the 13-cm flexible neck in many directions, providing a safe and handy torch lighter for camping, candle, fireplace, grill, oven, stove and more, completely worry-free.

– 360° flexible neck
– 13cm flexible neck
– Child-proof switch
– Fuel adjustment by valve
– Rust-free stainless steel

– Head gets hot when used

#5. Cobber Torch Lighter

Cobber Torch Lighter

The Cobber Torch Lighters works just fine lighting cigars because it remains high and strong even at the lowest flame setting. It features a sturdy metal body making it one of the premium-looking torch cigar lighters.

But the design doesn’t just look; it features a fuel level window, retractable cigar punch, and up to 4 flames covering more surface area when lighting.

Conclusion: This top quality quad flame torch cigar lighter is perfectly suitable for kitchen, BBQ, camping, hiking, and a perfect gift for wedding, birthday, anniversary, Father’s Day, Christmas etc.

– Fuel Level Window
– Sturdy Metal Body
– Retractable Punch Cutter
– Flame Height Adjustable
– Butane Fuel Refillable
– Wider surface flame

– Require adjustment by screw

#6. Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting Butane Micro-Torch

Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting Butane Micro-Torch

The Blazer GB2001 emits precise flame from its nozzle head, with gas-flow adjustment lever to control flame length and width. In addition, you can adjust it from yellow flame to a hotter blue flame. The GB2001 features a maximum flame temperature of 2,500 degree Fahrenheit and can continuously burn from 1.5 to 2.0 hours at max fuel of 26 gram gas capacity.

Thanks to Piezoelectric ignition system, it does not require an electrical connection, so instead of dragging out an extension cord for soldering outdoors, only the torch is brought into play.

Featuring safety ignition lock and secure rubber grip, plus attachable and detachable table top stand for hands-free use, the Blazer GB2001 is safe to use and serve many purposes.

The torch head is fixed at 90-degree angle and operates with flame length from 0.5 to 1.25 inches.

Conclusion: Spend some extra buck and purchase this proper torch lighter if your work requires professional stability and consistent flame. It is commonly used for brazing, soldering, jewelry, automotive, lab, dental, and other detailed purposes.

– Rubber safe grip
– Flame adjustment
– Wind resistant
– Safety ignition lock
– Attachable tabletop stand
– No electrical connection needed

– N/A

#7. CiTree Cigar Torch Lighter

Cigar Lighter, Triple 3 Jet Flame Refillable Butane Torch Lighter

The metal housing of this cigar lighter feels solid in your hand and it has all the qualities of a cigar lighter, including fuel level window that tells at a glance, 3 flames offering a large flame base, adjustable flame height, and retractable cigar punch.

Conclusion: That makes it on par with the Cobber Torch Lighters. However, unlike the Cobber Torch Lighter, it has only 3 flames. It is suitable for kitchen use, Hiking, smoking, camping, BBQ and also as occasional gifts.

– Fuel Level Window
– Retractable Punch
– Sturdy Metal Body
– 3 Flame Torch Lighter
– Universal Refill Valve
– Flame Height Adjustable

– N/A

#8. Torch Lighter, Jet Lighter Windproof Turbo Triple Flame Gas Butane Refillable Torch Lighter

flat-bottomed barge

This torch lighter not only looks and feels great in your hand, but also uses less fuel and burn with triple flame. Like most others, it features cigar punch cutter and fully shows the butane content level.

Conclusion: It is one of the very cheap torch lighters you can find, suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, BBQ, camping, etc.

– Triple flame jet
– Punch Cutter Tool
– 12 Months’ warranty
– Fully Transparent Butane

– Flame adjustment by screw driver

#9. Lennov Micro Butane Gas Torch Lighter

Lennov flat-bottomed barge

Whether you need it to process small jewelry, weld your metal, ignite BBQ, the Lennov Torch Lighter is suitable for it all. With fire lock, solid base, and rubber grip, it feels super safe and good to use. While it offers a large heat up to 1300℃ of flame temperature, it can maintain use time for one hour.

Conclusion: The suitable applications for Lennov Torch Lighter are factories, shops, outdoor travel, DIY, cooking and catering, etc.

– Solid base
– Rubber grip
– Fire lock function
– Use time of 60min
– Flame temperature: 1300 ℃
– Adjustable flame size, temperature,

– N/A

#10. TianBao Butane Torch Lighter Windproof

TianBao flat-bottomed barge

Are you in need of a small and cheap lighter for mild household and outdoor uses? The TianBao Torch Lighter comes in solid aluminum construction and operates with adjustable flame size and windproof. Even at the lowest setting, the 4 flame jets shoot out high and strong under any weather.

Conclusion: It is well-suited for both household and outdoor uses, including lighting cigars, cigarettes, candles, barbecues, kitchens, camping uses, etc.

– Windproof
– 4 flame jets
– Aluminum case, solid
– Adjustable flame size

– Flame adjustment by screw driver

Buying Guide of Best Torch Lighters

There is no perfect torch lighter because they are designed for different uses but to give you the ideal picture of it, the best torch lighters would be small, easy to carry, and safe to use by having a safety lock. It should look stylish without sacrificing other attributes, such as burning strong in the wind, and remaining stable even when standing on its own. The flame size should be easily adjustable while the gas content level should be visible to you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.