Best Snowboard Pants – (2020 Reviews & Guide)

The right snowboard pants for enjoying the slopes. Snowboarding is a favorite pastime for many people. Swerving across mountains and slopes filled with ice and snow presents chills of excitement running through your veins. The heat of the moment as your face fills with the cold winds delivers great thrills that perhaps no other sport or hobby can give you.

Columbia Snowboard Pant
Columbia – Best Snowboard Pants – Image credit from Amazon

Like any other sport or pastime, snowboarding requires the right pieces of equipment. It’s essential to wear the right gear to protect yourself from injury. Snowboarding down a slope is all fun and games until you get hurt. One way of protecting yourself from the cold winds of winter slopes is to have the best snowboard pants. Read on as we give you a list of the best snowboarding pants of 2020.

#1. TRAILSIDE SUPPLY CO. Mens Ski Snow Snowboard Pants

TRAILSIDE SUPPLY CO Mens Ski Snow Snowboard Pants

These ski or snowboard pants are for men who have a great love for the outdoors. This functional pair of pants is also usable as casual wear. Its shell or lining has a 100% polyester construction with a waterproof rating of 3,000mm and a breathability rating of 3,000g. These figures may sound unimpressive for hardcore snowboarders and skiers, but it sacrifices functionality for class.

It’s a great choice for people who want to walk around or snowboard a bit during winter seasons without the need to change pants.

Conclusion: The price range for the insulated skiing and snowboarding pants from Trailside Supply Co. may not be as expensive as most of the items on this list, but it’s not for hardcore snowboarders or skiers. Instead, the brand targets these pants for individuals who want winter wear without having to change pants for different occasions.

– Machine washable
– Great for casual wear
– Comfortable insulation
– Durable polyester material

– Not good for hardcore snowboarders

#2. Arctix Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pant Skiing-Pants

Arctix Men's Snow Sports Cargo Pant Skiing-Pants

Arctix created a pair of cargo pants for the man who likes to walk around town during winter season while their legs stay warm. It takes advantage of thermalock coating with a waterproof rating of 3,000mm and a breathability rating of 3,000g. Like the snowboard pants of Trailside Supply Co.’s, these snowboarding pants are better for casual use as opposed to snowboarding for the entire day.

Still, the price range of these pants won’t break banks. If you’re in a tight budget but want to get good snowboard pants, then consider this pair.

Conclusion: The price range of the Arctix Snow Cargo Pants for Men will entice many buyers, especially for people in a tight budget. While these pants may not be an ideal choice for veteran snowboarders, it’s still a great pair for beginners.

– Great for beginners
– Durable polyester material
– Warm ThermaTech Insulation
Boot gaiters with grippers

– Not ideal for veteran snowboarders

#3. myglory77mall Mens Winter Warm Waterproof Hip Ski Snowboard Military Camo Pants

myglory77mall Men's Snowboard Military Pants

Myglory77mall presents different styles for their snowboard military pants for men. It’s available in black, S06, S07, and S12 camo designs. It has a low-rise design which means it’s not an ideal choice for long-term snowboarding. Fans of the low rise hip-hop jeans should check this pair out.

Conclusion: The myglory77mall Men’s Snowboard Military Pants are great for the occasional snowboarding experience. Its low-rise design mainly targets a specific market for people who want their jeans to fit below their hips.

– Comfortable
– Decent quality
– Hip-hop low-rise design

– Made for a specific target market

#4. DC Men’s Banshee 10k Water Proof Snowboard Pants

DC Mens Banshee 10k Water Proof Snowboard Pants

The DC Banshee Snowboard Pants take advantage of the brand’s waterproofing technology. It has the 10k DC Weather Defense Technology and it translates to great defense from cold and wet weather. This pair of pants has a durable polyester construction with taffeta lining and a 40g insulation.

One of the best features of these snowboard pants is its fit. It’s not too tight nor too loose. It also has well-placed vents so your legs won’t become too sweaty. The length might be a bit too long for certain footwear like boarding boots, but it has pull straps to help lift the bottom so you won’t end up dragging the bottom of the pants.

Conclusion: With the DC Banshee 10k Snowboard Pants for Men are great for beginner snowboards and veteran snowboarders. It even has a snazzy style for casual use. The fit is great even though the length might be too long for some users. To remedy that concern, DC strategically placed pull straps to lift the bottom areas of the pants.

– Pull straps
– Comfortable
– Warm insulation
– 10k DC Weather Defense Technology

– Might not be a good choice for short people

#5. Columbia Men’s Arctic Trip Omni Heat Ski Snowboarding Waterproof Pants

Columbia Mens Arctic Trip Omni Heat Ski Snowboarding Waterproof Pants

The Columbia Omni Heat Snowboard Pants can perfectly fit a person with a 5’11”-inch height (for the large-sized variant). The best feature of this pair of pants is its comfort. You can wear it on 40-degree days without the need to wear additional layers. You can add another layer when temperature levels drop to freezing but some users might not even need the extra sheet of fabric.

Its inner liner will fit ski and snowboarding boots like a glove. Some users might find the fit on the lower leg a bit odd. Aside from that one drawback, it’s a great fit for lovers of winter sports.

Conclusion: Despite the odd fit in the lower leg areas of the Columbia Omni Heat Snowboard Pants, the rest of the fabric presents an exceptional fit for most users. It also delivers great comfort and warmth even during freezing temperatures.

– Durable
– Great fit
– Very warm
– Very comfortable

– Weird fit at the lower leg

#6. Columbia Ridge 2 Run II Men’s Pants

Columbia Ridge 2 Run II Men's Pants

The Columbia Ridge 2 Run II Pants brings the Omni Heat and Omni-Tech waterproof technologies to its users. It also has strategically-placed leg vents to allow proper heat circulation without constricting the leg too much.

While most of the material has the Omni-Tech waterproof technology, the vents don’t have this feature. Hence, moist and rainy seasons will make the zippered vents significantly wet. It can become an irritating experience for some users, but the additional moisture won’t bog down the pants’ overall performance and functionality.

Conclusion: Columbia equipped their Ridge 2 Run II Pants with two technologies for excellent comfort and functionality for several sporting and casual occasions. The zippered vents, however, don’t have the Omni-Tech technology. Still, these pants will prove its worth in most snowboarding and casual scenarios.

– Great fit
– Zippered Vents
– Omni-Heat Technology
– Omni-Tech Waterproof Technology

– The zippered vents aren’t waterproof

#7. Volcom Men’s Freakin Snow Chino

Volcom Mens Freakin Snow Chino

Unlike many snowboarding pants on the market, the Volcom Freakin Snow Chino makes itself clear that it’s solely for casual use. It has a 100% polyester construction with a V-science 2-layer shell. These pants also have a relaxed fit with a zip tech pant-to-jacket interface.

Interested buyers should buy these pants one size larger than their current fit. For example, if you’re a medium then order a large.

Conclusion: The Volcom Freakin Snow Chino are snowboarding pants meant for casual use. It has a polyester construction with a modern relaxed fit. According to the reports of verified buyers, there are some discrepancies regarding its fit.

– Durable
– Comfortable
– Breathable fabric
– Great for casual use

– Not meant for actual snowboarding
– Some discrepancies regarding the fit

#8. Burton Men’s Insulated Covert Pant

Burton Mens Insulated Covert Pant

Burton offers their Covert Snowboarding Pant with many design options. Interested buyers can choose from styles like Bog Heather, Chestnut, and Denim. These pants will have a mesh and polyester construction regardless of the style you choose.

The beauty of these snowboarding pants is its waterproof and breathability ratings. It has a 10,000mm waterproof rating and a 10,000g breathability rating. These figures translate to a highly versatile pair of pants for many snowboarding sessions.

Conclusion: Beginners and veteran snowboarders looking for a versatile and comfortable pair of pants should check out the Burton Covert Pants. These pants have very high ratings for waterproof and breathability. It’s even available in several design options to fit your personal style.

– High waterproof rating
– High breathability rating
– Available in several styles

– Durable but still susceptible to ripping

#9. Burton Men’s Cargo Snow Pant Regular Fit

Burton Mens Cargo Snow Pant Regular Fit

Like the brand’s Covert Pants, the Burton Cargo Snow Pants are also available in several design options. Interested buyers can select from Adobe, Cloud Shadows, Forest Night, and many more. It also has a 10,000mm waterproof rating and a 10,000g of breathability. The fully-taped seams seal all the foul weather from entering the fabric. It also has expandable cuffs, a built-in waist adjustment feature, and mesh-lined venting for additional breathability.

Conclusion: The Burton Cargo Snow Pants presents itself to be an ideal choice for comfort, breathability, design, and functionality. It’s loaded with features to give users great value for money.

– Additional features
– High waterproof rating
– High breathability rating
– Available in several styles
– Fully-sealed construction

– None

How to Choose the Right Snowboard Pants

Consider certain factors when looking for the right snowboard pants for your next trip to snowy slopes. The best snowboard pants should have most (or all) of the criteria below:

Waterproof Technique
Even expert snowboards will crash or sit on snow at some point in one of their snowboarding sessions. One of the worst things that can happen is having a wet “behind” as you go back from snowboarding. The weather might not cooperate in some of your snowboarding trips and it might rain. Certain snowboarders won’t let the additional wetness bother them and continue what they love to do. It’s during these instances that it’s important to have good waterproofing for snowboard pants.

There are two ways manufacturers waterproof their pants: Critical Taping and Fully-Seam-Sealed.

Critical Taping – Also known as critically taped, critical seams taped, or critical seams sealed, this method of waterproofing means manufacturers only tape the critical seams. While it might be useful for most snowboarding sessions, sliding down slopes on a wetter day means water can still find its way in non-critical seams. Most snowboard pants with critically-taped waterproofing have cheaper price tags than fully-seam-sealed variants.

Fully-Seam-Sealed – Fully-Seam-Sealed, Fully-Taped, or Fully-Sealed means nothing, not even additional wetness from the rain can get inside your pants while you snowboard. It’s a more effective choice than critically-taped pants but some fully-sealed snowboard pants may cost more.

Waterproof Rating
Aside from the waterproof technique used by manufacturers, also consider the waterproof rating. The figure attached to this factor range from 5,000mm to 20,000mm. These numbers mean the volume of water stacked on top of the pants’ material before liquid or moisture can go through.

Many cheap snowboard pants come with 5,000mm waterproof ratings. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to buy and use snowboard pants with at least 10,000mm.

Waterproofing isn’t the only factor to consider when looking for the right snowboard pants on the market. It’s also important to choose pants with excellent breathability and comfort. You can find the breathability of snowboarding pants measured in grams. It means the amount of air that can get through the material.

Most snowboard pants will have a breathability rating between 5,000g and 20,000g. Like waterproof ratings, it’s an ideal choice to get a pair of snowboarding pants with a breathability rating of 10,000g. Still, 5,000g of breathability will suffice.

You always want to stay warm and toasty while you slide down icy slopes. As long as you stay nice and dry while you’re snowboarding, then you’re going to stay warm and tasty. Snowboarding with cold legs can become a problem for many individuals. There are insulated snow pants to help users stay warm while staying in cold locations.

Manufacturers may even increase the warmth of their pants by adding another layer of material on top of the first sheet. Some snowboard pants will even allow snowboarders to wear the inner liner and outer shell separately.

Final Word

Now that you’ve reached the end of this list, we hope you’ve gained better knowledge and understanding in choosing the best snowboard pants in 2020. Always remember the factors to consider when looking at the right snowboarding pants. Don’t forget to check your budget while looking at the breathability, warmth, waterproofing, and price of the pants to gain the best value for your money. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.