Best Shower Tents – [2021 Review & Guide]

Enjoy your outdoor adventures and camp wherever your feet take you. If you want to experience the thrill and fun of camping, you should be prepared to get sweaty and dirty. However, it’s risky to use public toilet facilities because they’re often filthy without soap, toilet paper, or towels. You can control sanitation by buying your own shower tents, and you’ll never worry about bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Camping
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It’s a good thing that it’s now possible to change clothes and clean-up in a portable pop-up shower tent. You can take your shower tent to the beach, campsite, concerts, or an event ground. Shower tents are easy to assemble within seconds and convenient to use. Once you’re finished, you can quickly fold a shower tent and store it on its convenient tote bag.

In this post, we have compiled the top ten best shower tents in 2021. It will help you make the right decision on the best brand for you based on the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each shower tents. Let’s get started!

#1. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

This WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent boasts its waterproof fabric. It has taped seams to keep your inner shelter dry. Also, it has a silver-coated surface that reflects light and absorbs it to protect you from UV rays. When it comes to the design and material, this tent is made of galvanized steel frame, and premium and durable 190T Oxford fabric for long-lasting performance.

This shower tent measures 47.2 L x 47.2 W x 74.8 H inches. There’s no need to assemble because it has an automatic pop-up design, allowing you to set up the tent and fold down within few seconds.

Conclusion: This shower tent weighs 4.3 pounds. It is easy to set up and portable. With great versatility, you can use it as a private place to change clothes or use it as a sheltered toilet.

– Great design
– Easy to set up
– Easy to put down

– No zipper on top

#2. Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent – Privacy Portable Camping

Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent

The Green Elephant Shower Tent is a high-quality tent with an ergonomic design. It measures 6 feet and 10.7 inches high. The length is 3 feet and 11 inches and the width is 3 feet and 11 inches. It has a heavy-duty and rugged reliable material.

The door zipper is heavy-duty with stitches that are strong to old the tent in good shape. It is a dependable shelter tent you can use for changing clothes or as a mobility toilet. The top of this shower tent has a mosquito netting for proper lighting and air circulation.

Conclusion: Now you can enjoy camping anytime and anywhere with this multi-purpose tent. Feel the convenience away from home because it provides the basic things you need, such as a shower opening, clothes hanger, towel hanger, and toilet paper holder.

– Durable
– Good quality
– Easy to set up

– No flaps along the bottom

#3. WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent

WolfWise Portable Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent

The WolfWise Pop Up Shower Tent is made of waterproof and high-quality taffeta 190T polyester. It is very durable because it’s made of flexible steel. It has 6 wind ropes and 14 metal mounting stakes for security in windy conditions.

This shower tent is water repellent with a DWR coated on the exterior shell. It also has a silver-coated surface for UV protection. The window is top zippered for proper air circulation. Hang your wet towels and clothes or towels to keep dry them up. This shower tent has two zippers, so you can use one area as a storage area or mobile toilet, and the other area as a bathroom.

Conclusion: Now you have a private place so you can change your clothes, use as a private restroom, take a shower, and more. When assembled, this shower tent measures 94.5 x 47.2 x 74.8 inches.

– Convenient to use
– Spacious and durable
– Good as a mobile toilet
– Well-designed private bath

– No rain fly

#4. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

The Lightspeed Outdoors Camp Shower Tent is quick to assemble because of its pre-threaded telescoping poles and compression hub. It is equipped with a dual zippered D-shaped door for easy access.

This shower tent has an 800mm PU coated umbrella for wet weather. You can also clip the floor up and down. If you’re looking for storage, this shower tent has pockets for amenities, towel strap, and solar shower shelf. It measures 5 W x 5 X 6.75 H feet.

Conclusion: The Lightspeed Outdoors Camp Shower Tent includes guylines, stakes, and oversized carry bag. It is large and easy to use as a privacy tent, camp shower, changing room, or camp toilet.

– Spacious
– Easy to assemble
– Easy to open and close the door

– Need to balance bag with too much water

#5. Texsport Instant Portable Shower Tent

Texsport Instant Portable Shower Tent

The Texsport Instant Portable Shower Tent measures 87 inches high, 4 feet 6 inches long, and 4 feet 6 inches wide. It includes a mesh shower rack with removable towel bar outside. The door is large and zippered D-style.

This shower tent is made of a heavy-duty polyurethane taffeta rainfly and walls. It has a removable ripstop polyethylene floor. We were impressed with the durable speed clips and rust-resistant steel poles.

Conclusion: The Texsport Instant Portable Shower Tent has see-through skylights for good visibility inside but still keeps your privacy with opaque walls.

– Portable
– Good quality
– Well-designed
– Easy to set up

– No towel rack inside

#6. Ridge Outdoor Gear Shower Tent

Ridge Outdoor Gear 6.5ft Pop Up Changing Shower Privacy Tent

The Ridge Outdoor Gear Shower Tent is a complete package because it comes with a rainfly, sandbags, ground sheet, stakes, ropes, and a carry bag. Because this tent is made in the United States, expect 100% satisfaction.

The best features include sandbag weights, a large window, breathable mesh top, shower head compatible, towel and clothesline, toilet paper holder, inner pocket, and lamp hook for hang your comping lanterns at night time. It is a collapsible lightweight tent that pops up immediately for easy assembly.

Conclusion: This shower tent is easy to use, lightweight, and portable. It’s easy to set up and favors good ventilation.

– Mesh top
– Portable
– Lightweight
– Easy to assemble

– Challenging to put down

#7. KingCamp Oversize Portable Shower Tent

KingCamp Oversize Portable Shower Tent

The KingCamp Oversize Portable Shower Tent is a multi-purpose tent that is perfect to use as a camp restroom, changing room, portable toilet, changing room, and camping privacy tent. It measures 85 × 66 × 66 inches. It is spacious enough to accommodate two adults. This shower tent is easy to carry with a packed size of 24 × 6 × 6 inches.

This shower tent has four pockets you can use to put your small valuables and an outside pocket with two compartments, keeping the towel and clothes dry. It has great ventilation because of a large zippered door, providing easy access with two mesh windows.

Conclusion: The KingCamp Oversize Portable Shower Tent is a breathable tent with an inner rope you can use for hanging your bath towels and your change clothes. It is made of polyester floor to keep you clean when changing or showering.

– Straight poles
– Spacious and comfortable
– Sturdy and non-removable post

– Doesn’t support full of a water sun shower

#8. Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent

Leader Accessories Shower Tent

The Leader Accessories Shower Tent is a perfect private room and shelter because of its comfortable size. The large zippered door has been constructed for convenient access. It has a built-in entrance that is durable and easy to enter and exit.

This tent is rust resistant. It is made of a durable and flexible steel frame. It has four pull strings and eight metal mounting stakes, providing stability and durability in windy conditions. It comes with a carry bag so you can take it anywhere you want.

Conclusion: For temporary privacy, this shower tent is a decent choice for changing clothes or as a mobility bathroom. It is convenient to use, durable, and compact.

– Sturdy
– Spacious
– Easy to set up

– No place to clip flashlight

#9. G4Free Privacy Shelter Tents Dressing Changing Room Deluxe Shower Toilet Camping

G4Free Privacy Shelter Tents Dressing Changing Room Deluxe Shower Toilet Camping

The G4Free Outdoor Shower Camping Tents adopt anti-rust painting technology. It has strong wires and elastic cords which are high-quality. The ferric frame is durable and strong enough to hold up to 3 to 4 gallons.

When it comes to the design, it has a sturdy design because of four wind ropes and eight metallic stakes. The full size measures 82.67 x 47.24 x 47.24 inches. It is a multi-functional ten suitable for many places, like the beach, field and locker room, camping, and so on.

– Sturdy
– Easy to set up
– Good quality tent
– Spacious and breathable

– Flies could get in the top

#10. Campla Portable Pop up Privacy Shower Tent

Campla Portable Shower Tent

The Campla Portable Shower Tent is made of high-quality coated fabric 191-D nylon polyester, water-repellent taffeta, and sturdy steel. It’s an excellent shelter against rain and sun. Also, it provides good tent ventilation because of its mesh roof and vents.

When it comes to additional features, this shower tent comes with a storage bag to hold your valuables. It is a quick private shelter so you can easily clean up and change clothes. You can take it camping, at the beach, or as a roadside toilet.

Conclusion: The Campla Portable Shower Tent is a durable shower tent that is collapsible for easy assembly. You can use it as a dressing tent or toilet tent.

– Portable
– Easy to set up
– Easy to put down
– Multifunctional

– No window net

What to Consider When Buying Shower Tents

Shower tents come with different features, advantages, and disadvantages. The first thing you need to take into consideration is your purpose of buying one. Do you need a shower tent for a shower area? Or do you need it as a changing area for your customers for a business craft show or bazaar?

Here are the other important things to consider when buying shower tents:

1. Size
It’s important to choose shower tents that has enough space, not too small which can be difficult to use. Otherwise, you will be forced to leave the shower tent’s door unzipped. Choose a double sized and easy-to-carry tent if you’re planning to use it for sleeping. Double tents are usually 6 to 7 feet long, so you have a spacious area to change clothes and sleep in your sleeping bag.

2. Materials
If you’ll use a shower tent for changing clothes or as a shower area, you need to ensure privacy. That’s why you need to choose an opaque fabric, even in direct sunlight. Find an outdoor shower tent with a silver or aluminum lining. Choose one that is waterproof and durable, like polyurethane fabric. It can withstand rain and comes with an ultraviolet protectant coating.

3. Ventilation
Proper ventilation is important regardless if you’re changing your clothes, using the restroom, or taking a shower. A poorly ventilated tent is warm, stuffy, and uncomfortable. Choose a shower tent with a mesh side top and window.

4. Removable Flooring and Open Bottom
A shower tent that is designed and constructed with an open bottom, allows water to run out without build up. You can buy a bath mat to stand on. For a full bottom floor, choose a tent with a removable and tarp shower floor.

5. Interior Amenities
For a full changing or shower area, choose a shower tent that’s constructed with integrated storage shelves, hooks, bags, mesh shower racks, or clotheslines. Choose a tent with a fabric storage bag or mesh shower rack, to hold soaps, shampoos, outdoor watches, phones, and other valuables.

6. Wind resistance
Choose an outdoor privacy tent with a tall and narrow structure. Choose a shower tent that is typically lightweight. It’s best to also select a tent that you can stake to the ground.

General Conclusion

Shower tents are perfect to use as a mobility restroom or a sleeping area. If you’re looking for the best shower tent, consider your needs, the size, best features, and the price. You’ll find many brands of shower tents online but making the right choice following the tips mentioned above will ensure you’ll get a good quality shower tent at a price you can afford. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.