Best Shower Chairs – [2020 Reviews & Guide]

Shower chairs can make your bathroom safer, As much as we want to avoid it, there will come a time when our limited mobility will hinder us from enjoying some aspects of our everyday life. If this does not apply to you now, it could be affecting your loved ones. The good news is that several products have been created and designed to address the needs of the elderly, or limited ones.

OasisSpace Tub Transfer Bench
OasisSpace – Best Shower Chairs – Image credit from Amazon

One such product is a shower chair. It proves to be an amazing assistant at bath time, especially for those who are disabled, and the elderly. However, choosing between low and high quality options is not easy, given the several options that are currently available these days.

To help you out, we have rounded some of the best shower chairs options out there. Some buying tips are also included to assist you in making a wise purchasing decision.

Product Review of the Best Shower Chairs of 2020

#1. Medline Shower Chairs Bath Seat

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

What this shower chair takes pride in is combining together simplicity, functionality, and affordability. As a bonus, it is designed to last a lifetime. It comes with a number of amazing features, including holes that drain away the water, which may land on it. This feature ensures that the person sitting on it will not slide out of it. It also features a non-slip rubber foot that hold to the bathtub firmly.

Conclusion: Construction-wise, this best shower chairs this list is a viable option. It comes with a frame that is made out of aluminum, which is both durable and strong. It is also rustproof, which is very important when used in wet bathrooms. It can also hold up to a weight of 350 pounds. We also have a list of the best portable toilets that you might like to check.

– Weight capacity of about 350 lbs
– Simple and functional
– Moderately priced
– Non-slip rubber feet
– Durable and strong construction

– Difficult assembly

#2. Moen DN7105 Home Care Bath Bench – Tub and Shower Styles

Moen DN7105 Home Care Bath Bench

This accessory for the bathroom is one that is designed with safety and protection in mind. It comes with a size of 16.5 to 21 inches adjustable height, fitting a wide range of shower and tub styles. It can support up to 400 pounds of weight. For safety, it comes with a non-slip seat surface, along with a built-in drainage system. Other accessories can also be availed of, though they can be purchased separately.

Conclusion: Some users find it difficult to find a shower chair that fits the need of their loved ones, especially when it comes to attaching it to tubs and showers. This model, however, is designed to fit a wide range of tub and shower options. You can also check out our list of the best shower tents for more optional.

– Safety first priority
– Adjustable height
– Up to 400 pounds weight capacity
– Non-slip seat surface
– Built-in drainage system

– Some issues with users sliding

#3. Drive Medical RTL12505 Premium Series Shower Chairs

Drive Medical RTL12505 Premium Series Shower Chair

This product has received amazing ratings, thanks to its design of having a back part, along with a dependable armrest, making sure that it gives a comfortable experience to any user. It can also be adjusted freely to the right height as needed. This chair is also designed to accommodate users of different sizes and shapes.

Conclusion: There are several reasons why you will love this best shower chairs in this list. For one, in terms of design, it is one that keeps safety and protection in mind. It features non-slip rubber on its legs, thus offering real stability while reinforcing safety. It is also a lightweight product, making it easy to carry around.

– Lightweight option
– Non-slip rubber
– Height adjustment feature
– Armrest included
– Back part support

– Some vital parts are made of plastic

#4. Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench Sliding Shower Chair

Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench Sliding Shower Chair

This shower bench is designed to make those injured and elderly feel at ease at bath time. It makes transferring from walkers or wheelchairs to the shower or bath easier, thanks to its overall safe sliding design, thus limiting the physical strain on both the user, as well as the caregiver.

Construction-wise, it uses a rust-resistant aluminum frame along with a molded seat and a backrest, nylon strap, and hook and loop belt for safety.

Conclusion: This bench sliding shower chairs is a recommended bathtub seat not just for the elderly but also for those who are handicapped, disabled, as well as dealing with post-surgical limitations. It is easy to install, and it comes with easy-to-follow, detailed instructions.

– Easy to sue
– Secure and safe
– Easy to follow assembly
– Rubber anti-slip feet
– Extra stable

– Some issues with leg length

#5. Medokare Shower Stool with Padded Seat

Medokare Shower Stool with Padded Seat

This shower stool comes with a padded seat. The seat is also detachable making it easy to clean. Safety-wise, it features anti-slip rubber feet, as well as holes for drainage on the bath seat. It is constructed using heavy-duty anodized aluminum. Easy to use, as you only need to slide the legs up or down to adjust the height of this seat.

It is also stable and lightweight. The manufacturer has also decided to add a cutout for the showerhead, and as a bonus, including a tote bag where you can place your showering items.

Conclusion: One thing amazing about this stool is that it can fit even in smaller showers and tubs. Its anti-slip platform, combined with a wide base, allows it to offer maximum stability. It can also be used as a stool that you can use while shaving your legs.

– Lightweight
– Maximum stability
– Non-slip rubber feet
– Tote bag included
– Padded stool

– Plastic knobs not durable

#6. Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat and Shower Chair

Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

This professionally designed bench comes with features such as a padded, armrests, and back. This means that you can skip the slippery, cold, and uncomfortable plastic parts. It uses a medical-grade, molded polyurethane pads (closed-cell) that absorbs water. It is also easy to disinfect and clean.

Conclusion: If you are searching for a professional grade shower transfer bench, this best shower chairs in this list is a good option for you. This brand has been used in nursing homes, hospitals, as well as private homes by those who value safety, quality, comfort, and convenience.

– Space-saving design
– Swivel seat
– Padded bench
– Professional grade option
– Effortless sliding

– Pricier than others

#7. Essential Medical Supply Shower and Bath Bench with Arms and Back

Essential Medical Supply Shower

This chair features padded, sturdy arms that offers comfort and security. It features a vertical design for its arms, thus improving stability. You also have the option that fits your preferences. Whether you want to experience the comfort of having back support or not, you can choose.

Conclusion: This chair is designed for users who are dealing with limited strength in the legs, as well as those who need assistance when getting up. Each of the features of this chair offers an adjustable height frame, along with padded arms.

– Vertical arm design
– Padded sturdy arms
– Removable back
– Adjustable height
– Flat surface

– Chair feet causes rust

#8. Dr Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair

Dr Kays Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair

This chair is known for being exceptionally stable and lightweight. This means that you will no longer have to sacrifice comfort and safety, as you can have both of these features. It offers a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. The maximum height, on the other hand, is a full 2-inches higher. It is also designed to fit in most smaller showers and tubs, offering maximum stability.

Conclusion: One thing that you will also love about this shower chair is that it has been designed for no-tools, easy to follow the assembly. It does not require you to use those challenging screws. Rather, it uses wing-tipped screws, which can easily be hand-screwed right in place.

– Built-in side handles
– No-tools assembly
– Maximum stability
– Non-slip rubber feet
– Exceptionally stable

– Small size

#9. Universal Bath Seat – Carex Health Brands

Carex Health Brands Carex Universal Bath Seat and Shower Chair

This bath seat from Carex offers an innovative design that offers comfortable seating during showers and baths. It is both safe and stable, with a maximum weight recommended of 400 pounds. The shower seat can also be adjusted to a height of 16 to 21 inches. It can also fit most sizes of tubs, thanks to its lightweight, non-slip resistance, and stability.

Conclusion: This shower stool is very easy to assemble, not requiring any tools at all. It also comes with a notch that can be used for holding in the shower. Its capacity to be fitted in any tub, along with its non-slip legs, make it a safe option for those with limitations in movement.

– Built-in side handles
– Fits showers and tubs
– Adjustable height
– Recommended weight up to 400 pounds
– Easy to assemble

– Some issues with slippery seat

#10. Tub Transfer Bench – OasisSpace

Tub Transfer Bench - Heavy Duty Bath & Shower

This transfer bench from OasisSpace is very easy to use. It comes with a reversible backrest that makes it a quality medical shower chair. It can be assembled easily, requiring no tools, thanks to its easy to follow instructions. It can also be adjusted easily with its 10 height setting. Its padded handle also offers a comfortable grip without worrying about the risk of slipping.

Conclusion: This chair comes with an ergonomic design. It features a contoured backrest and seat to offer superior comfort. It also features 30 holes for drainage, thus reducing sliding or slipping even on pooled water.

– Heavy duty
– Durable and stable
– 10 height setting
– Ergonomic design
– Easy assembly

– Some parts made of plastic

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are often used by injured, elderly, or disabled individuals. Therefore, special caution is required in order to make sure that the ones who will be using this chair will not face any issue at all while using it. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration. Here are some of them:

Perhaps one of the things that you have in mind is budget. Whether you are content with a mid-priced option or can afford to get a high-end model, it is totally up to you. The list above highlights products covering a wide range of prices. As a general rule of thumb, go for a product that fits your budget range, a char that will fit your needs and preferences. Note that it does not necessarily mean that the higher-priced a product is, the better quality it can offer.

Assembly Requirements
You definitely need to check whether your option on a shower chair will arrive assembled or not. If you have to get one that is unassembled, you may want to know how complicated the process for the assembly is. It also helps if you check whether the instructions are easy to follow or not. For this, you might want to check the reviews of a particular product option.

Keep in mind that the person who will be using the chair will have issues with mobility. That is a given. This is the reason why it is highly important that comfort should not be compromised. Make sure that your comfort level is given attention when selecting the right chair.

Seat Height
Most chair models feature adjustable height. Still, there are limits in the adjustment. Therefore, choose one which fits the person who will use it. The limit for the seat height adjustment should facilitate the requirements of the person who will sit on it.

Final Conclusion

As seen from the options above, there are a number of quality product options that you can definitely take into consideration. The tips in purchasing also answer some questions you may have at the back of your mind. Note that it is a very important decision to get the best chairs that will fit the needs of the user, as it involves safety and health issues. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.