Best Sandless Beach Mats in 2021 Reviews

Are you looking for the best sandless beach mats and blankets for your plan to going to the beach? Staying on a vacation to the best places and swimming on the loveliest beaches in the world is most people’s life goals. The fun, excitement, and adventure it brings keep you away from stress and worries. But in order to have the best getaway, you must prepare everything you will need ahead of time.

Mumu Sandless Beach Mats
Mumu Sugar – Best Sandless Beach Mats – Image credit from Amazon

If you are going to the beach, you will need sandless beach mats. This year, the most trusted brands that are manufacturing these products have released new styles and designs with different features and pricing. Find out the top 10 best sandless beach mats and see which one works best for you.

#1. WELLAX Sandless Beach Blanket

WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket

If you love to stay outdoors, you will need a multipurpose outdoors beach blanket. Fortunately, there is WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket which can occupy 7 adults with its 9′ x 10′ ground cover. It has been designed with a travel pouch and you can fold it to 4’x8′. This way, carrying it everywhere is comfortable, easy and fashionable.

This time, say goodbye to messy sand particles that get into your belongings. Thanks to this sand-free beach mat by WELLAX, you can have more adventurous without mess and discomfort. It has RIP-STOP nylon fabric feature which is water, heat and sand repellent.

Conclusion: WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket is not only great for the beach. It also works well as a sand-proof picnic mat for hiking, music festivals, traveling and camping.

– Occupies more people
– With four securing anchors
– With compressive travel sack
– Vibrant colors and beautiful design
– Comes with a free Universal waterproof case

– Too Thin

#2. Wekapo Sandless Beach Blanket

Wekapo Sandless Beach Mats

Whether you want to look stylish, explore and relax, this WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket has everything you need. This beach blanket by WEKAPO is another multipurpose outdoor beach mat that lets you stay together with your whole family.

With a whopping 9′ x 10′ size, you will enjoy more bonding moments wherever you want to go. Since it is also made of RIP-STOP nylon feature, it is also resistant to heat, sand, and water. There are more important benefits you will get from this beach blanket such as easy to wash and dry and moisture resistant.

Other incredible features you will enjoy. First, there is a compression sack attached to this blanket to make it portable and lightweight. Second, it has four securing anchors designed with six metal stakes for more relaxed moments. Lastly, it has four built-in large corner pockets which you can fill with sand or any weighted object to keep this piece in place even if it is windy.

Conclusion: This WEKAPO Sandless Beach Mats list is a good solution for those who have issues with beach mats that frequently moves if it is windy.

– Lightweight
– Machine-washable
– Fast-drying and breathable
– Heat, sand, and moisture resistant

– The actual appearance is slightly different as described

#3. WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket

WildHorn Sandless Beach Mats

Wildhorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket is a very lightweight product made of tear-resistant nylon. This item has 4 sand anchor pockets integrated for it to blanket down. In addition, these pockets are usually filled with sand but it can be a place for your personal belongings.

For its key features, it allows more people occupied in the 63-square feet (9 feet x 7 feet). This is bigger than the typical beach mats sold in the market. With the presence of integrated compression stuff sack, you can easily pack it down into a small and portable bag.

Conclusion: This WIldhorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Mat is the best choice for a large group of individuals going to outdoors occasions and beach parties.

– Compact
– Quick dry
– Lightweight and heavy duty
– Perfect for a large group of users

– The material soaks up water

#4. FUTERLY Sandless Beach Mat/Water Resistant Sandless Blanket

Sand Sandless Beach Mats

The Sand-Free Beach Mat by FUTERLY measures 78 inches x 59 inches which are made of durable polyester fiber. It is made of a few layers from which the 2 external layers are made of strong mesh yarn while the middle portion is comprised of waterproof anti-tear fabric. As a result, this item delivers comfort to users.

Primarily, this beach mat is sand-resistant. It works by detaching the sand from its holes from the outer layer of the mat. Furthermore, it only weighs 0.5 pounds and packed with four metal layers for extra convenience when traveling.

You can use this FUTERLY Sandless Beach Mats on this list as a cushion/blanket, outdoor gatherings, sports events, picnics, beach, parks, and family trips.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a water-resistant sandless beach mat, this FUTERLY Beach Mat is an ideal choice.

– Water resistant
– Quick drying
– Easy to clean

– Very thin

#5. Live Infinitely Sand Free Beach Blanket

Live Sandless Beach Mats

This Live Infinitely Sand-Free Beach Blanket is a great travel companion because it easily fits in the luggage. With a size of 9 ft. x 10 ft., you will surely have fun with your family. It has been designed as compact and durable so you can just go for any adventure or getaways.

Some of its unique features are the following: 210T Ripstop Nylon, colorfast-dyed nylon, and compression sack. What’s more, it has 5 attached weighable pockets for added security. You will fill each pocket with rocks or sand to secure the mat to the ground.

When folded, this beach mat becomes 8 inches x 4 inches only making it completely easy to pack and carry around. This Live Infinitely Sand Free Beach mat is also resistant to sand, heat, and moisture. Cleaning this thing is not a problem as it is machine washable. Lastly, it lasts long in any environment.

Conclusion: If you love the beach, you just got to love this product, too. It is big enough to accommodate other family members or hang out with friends.

– Fast drying
– Heat-resistant
– Extra security
– Soft and comfortable

– Minor concerns with sand-free feature

#6. AOMAIS Sandless Beach Blanket

AOMAIS Sandless Beach Blanket Camping Mat

AOMAIS is one of the brands that have been continuously improving its products to serve customers better. With this AOMAIS Sandless Beach, you can invite more of your friends and family members for more getaways.

Measuring 108 inches x 85.19 inches when fully opened, this extra-large beach mat is a perfect way to have more than 12 adults seated on it and more than 5 persons lying down comfortably.

Furthermore, it has a special feature, the smart waterproof, which gives you a hassle-free and uncomfortable beach travel. It also has four weight-able pockets and six windproof anchors for added security on windy days.

Conclusion: AOMAIS Sandless Beach Blanket which transforms into different functionality. This item is surely a great value for money and a practical choice for those who love adventure, travels, fashion, and getaways.

– Waterproof
– Easy to clean
– Ultra lightweight
– Ergonomic and practical
– Multi-functional smart design

– N/A

#7. CampMe Beach Blanket Sand Proof

CampMe Beach Blanket Sand Proof

This Premium Large Beach Blanket by CampMe is the solution to those who are fond of traveling with a group. With a waterproof blanket design, this technology lets you benefit from a sand-free mat and waterproof fabric in one piece. It measures 79 inches x 86 inches which four metal stakes.

What makes it so cool is that this CampMe beach mat is lightweight and portable. Gone are the days when you spend so much time organizing your things before traveling. This time, you can nicely fold it in the compact (8.5 inches x 6 inches) and carry it anywhere you go.

This beach mat works for picnics, sports events, fishing, beaches, open-air festivals, hiking, family trips, and various outdoor occasions. This is also quick-drying and made of strong nylon.

Conclusion: For extra comfort and ultimate relaxed feeling, this CampMe beach mat is something you should have.

– Waterproof
– Soft material used
– Wipes clean easily
– Compact and easy to use

– Issues with the material used

#8. Trekit Oversized Large Beach Blanket Sand Proof

Trekit Oversized Large Beach Blanket Sand Proof

One of the biggest beach blanket sold in the market today is the 1095 Large Sandproof Beach Mat by Trekit. It measures 10 feet x 9.5 feet which allow 12 girls and boys or 8 men and women.

This beach mat features a buckle strap and a compression sack design for a compact storage (7.5 inches x 4.5 inches only). Thus, it is another must-have accessory which you can attach to your bag when it is time for you to go.

Trekit Beach Blanket is also sandproof as it is made of 210T ripstop nylon. Other special features of this item include cooling technology in the heat, breathable and light fabric, machine washable, water resistance, and quick drying.

It also has a giant, zippered pouch to keep your valuables. The 4 triple-stitched sand pockets are for the security of this beach mat to the ground.

Conclusion: If you are really into something extra in size, this Trekit Sandproof Beach Blanket is a practical choice.

– Easy to carry
– Extra big blanket
– Heavy duty and lightweight

– A bit tricky to fold

#9. Eccosophy Outdoor Beach Blanket Sand Proof

ECCOSOPHY Sand Proof Beach Blanket

If you are looking for oversized sand-proof outdoor mats, you can consider Eccosophy Outdoor Sand Proof Bleach Blanket. Measuring 9 feet x 10 feet, this mat is not only for family getaways but for all outdoor activities and occasions. It is perfect for travel hiking, camping, picnics, and open-air festivals.

It is made of ripstop nylon material which prevents sand from sticking into the blanket. This item boasts premium quality material which provides comfort and softness. Furthermore, it also offers the following features: water repellent, easy care, fast drying, and heat resistant.

Conclusion: Eccosophy Sandproof Beach Blanket works best for getaways with a large group or with the entire family.

– Heavy duty
– Compact, portable and lightweight
– With a money-back guarantee and free replacement warranty

– Too thin

#10. Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Blanket

Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Blanket

Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Mat is a quick-drying portable mat which has a compact and lightweight design. This must-have item measures 82 inches x 79 inches making it ideal not just for beach purposes but for camping, music festivals, and hiking as well. It fits up to 6 adults and can be folded down into its attached carried bag (5.1 inches x 6.3 inches).

What makes it great is that it is extremely soft and skin-friendly. It is made of breathable and durable 100 percent Parachute nylon which may last for many years. The package includes four metal stakes, one storage bag (with buckle), and one beach blanket.

Conclusion: If you love to go out together with your family and friends, you should have this sandless beach mat by Mumu Sugar. It occupies an average size of family and strong enough for almost any environment.

– Lightweight
– Water resistant
– Easy to fold and carry

– N/A

Buyer’s Guide of Sandless Beach Mats

Sandless Beach Mats have been primarily designed to let people sit and relax on the beach while getting rid of the sand that may get into the valuables including towels.

Nowadays, there are numerous options for these sandless beach blankets. Each has different features and benefits depending on your purpose. Here is a short guide in buying sandless beach mats:

Check what type of material that the item is made of. Take note that it can affect how you will be satisfied with the overall performance of this sandless beach blanket.

If possible, look for a sandless beach mat that will last longer. Consider this thing as an investment if you love to stay outdoors.

Ask yourself if you need an average size of a sandless beach mat or you should have an oversized type.

Final Words

Choosing the best sandless beach mats for you can be challenging if you do not know what you are looking for. With the help of this review of the top 10 best sandless beach mats, you can save time and money. But with the aforementioned products, it is the AOMAIS Sandless Beach Blanket which has shown exemplary performance and amazing benefits. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.