Best Pop Up Camping Tents – [2021 Review & Guide]

A pop up camping tent is among the greatest ways to get yourself outdoors in the easiest way. Unlike the ordinary tent, pop up camping tents is easier to use. As its name implies, this type of tent will simply pop up when you open it. Likewise, a pop up camping tent is also lighter and is suitable for backpackers.

FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent
FiveJoy – Best Pop Up Camping Tents – Image credit from Amazon

It does not have too many intricate exclusive features you must look for. But there are some features that should be present in the pop-up camping tent you buy. It can also accommodate an air mattress, camping pillows, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, or can hang your camping lanterns. This review must help you make the best pop-up camping tent buying decision.

#1. Sportneer Pop Up Camping Tent

Sportneer Camping Tent

This pop up camping tents item is a roomy tent that can accommodate two adults and one child. It has zipped doors offer easy accessibility, mesh door screens, and mesh windows that will let you feel and enjoy the cool breeze inside this pop-up camping tent. This Sportneer Pop-up Camping Tent will protect you from moisture and heat. It is a sturdy camping gear made of high-quality polyester.

Also, this product comes as a complete package. It comes with a rainfly for your extra protection. You can use it as a shield for your tent. It can also work as a tarp, picnic blanket, or a beach shade.

Conclusion: Sportneer Pop up Camping Tents list is a good choice for a pop up camping tent. It has nice features and extras that make it a complete package that every backpacker will appreciate.

– Lightweight
– Durable
– Stylish

– The stakes aren’t reflective

#2. Night Cat Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent

Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

Night Cat Camping Tent is an automatic pop-up camping tent that can accommodate two adults and one to two children when needed. It can also accommodate a queen-sized mattress, three sleeping bags or sleeping pads. Thus, it is an excellent choice for your next camping adventure with your loved ones.

It has a rainfly that you can detach from the tent to use as a shelter or pavilion. The rainfly can become your picnic or beach blanket. You can also use it as an inner tent.

This pop up camping tent is also sturdy. It can withstand light rainfalls. Just don’t use it under moderate to heavy rainfalls. You will see a door on each side of the tent, giving you instant access to the tent. It will also provide good ventilation for the whole family inside. You can close the doors, open them partially, or open them completely.

Conclusion: Night Cat Pop up Camping Tents on this list is a good-looking camping tent. It is easy to use, thanks to its cool features.

– Lightweight
– Elegant design
– Automatic operation

– Not so resistant to water

#3. G4Free Pop Up Camping Tent

G4Free Pop Up Tent

G4Free Pop Up Tent is also a beautiful pop-up camping tent with interesting features. Setting it up is easy. Just get it from the bag and the tent will instantly pop up. It has a round carry bag that has straps. Thus, you can carry this pop-up tent on your shoulders.

This tent can accommodate three persons. This will depend on the size of the occupants. It can also work as a playhouse for your kids.

It also has two doors. The body is sturdy (made of a tarp material). Thus, the tent is easy to clean.

Conclusion: G4Free Pop Up Camping Tents is a good-looking, sturdy pop up tent that is good for hunting, hiking, and other similar outdoor activities. It is spacious and easy to use.

– Stylish
– Durable
– Easy to set up

– Can be more expensive than other brands

#4. FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent

FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent

This pop up camping tent can accommodate one to two persons. It is easy to set up. Just get it out of the case and watch how it pops. This product has fiberglass that will let you set it up and fold it quickly.

FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent also features enhanced air flow. The windows have mesh screens and doors forming a protective barrier from bugs and insects while the nylon flaps promote total privacy. The dual windows and doors let the cool air flow and circulate in the whole tent.

Conclusion: This product is a good pop up camping tent packed with amazing features that you will appreciate for sure.

– Spacious interior
– Comes as a complete package
– Enhanced air flow for proper ventilation

– No smaller cots included in the package

#5. Toogh 3-4 Person Pop-Up Camping Tent

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

This Toogh pop-up camping tent is a good camping gear for every backpacker. It is also good for other outdoor activities. The material is tough, so the product, in general, is sturdy. The floor and rainfly are non-stretch polyester cloth with extra rip-stop for strength, forming a strong exterior for the tent’s floor and shell.

This product comes with ample space for the sleepers. You will surely enjoy the breathable interior of this camping tent. Setting it up is easy just like other pop up camping tents in the market.

Conclusion: This pop up camping tents looks so amazing inside and out. The quality of the product is 100% sure as you can see in the materials used.

– Durable
– Stylish
– Guaranteed quality

– No instructions manual in the package which makes setting up easier for beginners

#6. HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent

HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent

This pop up camping tents on this list is good for up to four persons, which makes it suitable for families and circles of friends. It sets up automatically, so you don’t need to fumble with tent poles and waste your time in reading the instruction manual.

HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent has a zippered screen and an external door closure made of durable nylon material. It also has two windows on the sides. They have mesh screens, allowing you to feel the wind without being annoyed by mosquitoes and other insects.

Likewise, this pop-up camping tent comes with storage pockets where you can put your keys, smartphone, and other essentials while keeping them within your reach. When using this tent at night, you can hang camping lanterns or rechargeable headlamps on the loop. When your adventure is over, just fold this camping tent, put it in the carrying case, and go.

This pop up camping tent is available in 3 colors: Army Green, Yellow, and Blue. Though the tent windows can function as a rainfly, this tent is not advisable for continuous heavy rains.

Conclusion: This pop-up camping tent is a great choice considering its features and the color options available.

– Stylish
– Durable
– More color options

– The material is thin and may not be resistant enough against water

#7. Zenph Pop Up Camping Tent

Zenph Pop Up Camping Tents

This pop-up camping tents on this list will open itself in just 3 seconds. The setup process is like magic. Just throw the tent in the air and leave the rest to it. The tent will be ready for use in only 3 seconds.

It can accommodate two to three persons. The bed design made the space larger, wider, and more comfortable. Also, this product is resistant to moisture and water. The entire tent has a waterproof coat which is more efficient than rubber and other materials.

The tent’s exterior is 2000MM water-resistant while the bottom is almost 3000MM. The external ledger material is stretchable 68D 185T polyester while the bottom is 150D Oxford fabric. These two materials are both sturdy.

Also, the design of this pop up camping tents is breathable. There is a 3-dimensional ventilation system in the back and the front part of the tent which promotes double ventilation and strengthens air convection. The entire ventilation outlets you can see in this tent features B3 gauze. The front door is a double door that has an external gate and a screen door. It will keep you safe and protected from mosquitoes.

Conclusion: This product is a nice pop up camping tent with special features designed for your safety and comfort.

– Durability
– Stylish design
– With safety features

– No airflow

#8. Qisan Automatic Pop-up Tent Outdoor Instant Tent

Qisan Automatic Pop-up Tent Outdoor Instant Tent

This pop up camping tent has enough space for up to 4 persons. It features sturdy zippers, and waterproof PU wrapped polyester material. The bottom part of the tent is high-quality water-resistant PE fabric while the pole material is pure fiberglass.

This camping tent has 2 doors and 4 dual-layered windows with zippered nylon. The interiors have zippered mesh. Thus, you can enjoy the fresh breeze without any danger regarding your privacy.

It has an isolated space for your things and small storage pockets where you can store your valuables. This pop up camping tent is easy to set up and is a complete package.

Conclusion: This pop up camping tents on this list from Oisan is a good product with interesting features that can suit all your backpacking needs.

– Good design
– Premium quality
– Durable material

– The material is durable, but the fabric is somewhat thin which cannot resist heavy rains

#9. AYAMAYA Instant Pop Up Camping Tents 3-4 Person – Easy Quick Setup

AYAMAYA Instant Pop Up Camping Tents

This pop up camping tent will stand up in just a few seconds. Just open the carrying bag and let the tent set up itself. No more tent poles to fumble with! The tent will take care of it.

You can bring it anywhere you go. Thanks to its transportable carrying bag. The mesh on front and back doors offer enhanced air flow. It will keep you protected from bugs. You can widely open the sides of this tent and close them using the mesh or close the nylon door for your privacy.

Conclusion: This pop up camping tent has a convenient design. The windows can turn into a rainfly. All you need to do is to connect the guy lines to the rings underneath the window flap.

– Spacious
– Easy to set up
– Comes as a complete package

– Not super waterproof

#10. Oileus Pop Up Tent Family Camping Tents 4 Person

Oileus Pop Up Tent Family Camping Tents 4 Person

This pop-up camping tents final the list has dual headed zippers, a durable seam, inner pockets, a big mesh sky window, and a roof cover. The material used in its construction is 210T high-quality diamond – patterned polyester.

The windows are larger for improved ventilation. Aside from the windows on the sides, you also have one on the top that lets you watch the stars at night.

Conclusion: This pop-up camping tent is full of nice features that will make your next outdoor adventure more enjoyable and more memorable.

– Sturdy
– Lovable design
– Improved ventilation

– The material looks cheap

Benefits of Pop up Camping Tents

– Easy to use
– Portable. You can bring it anywhere you go.
– With nice features for your comfort and safety outdoors
– Foldable for easy storage

What to Consider When Buying Pop-up Camping Tents?

Weather protection
a pop up camping tent is often portable and light. That means it may not be good for use under heavy rain or windy climate. Make sure the camping tent you choose can withstand the harsh climate conditions even without extra gear.

a pop up camping tent is usually good for two to four adults, but each model varies. When buying one, don’t forget to check how big the model is. Make sure it is spacious enough to accommodate you and your camping buddy.

a pop up camping tent is small that causes poor ventilation or stifling inner temperature throughout the afternoon. Choose a pop up camping window with extra-large windows to promote airflow. Proper ventilation is very important as it can be helpful during windy conditions. When the wind can move over the tent, it will cause little to no impact on your tent.


A pop up camping tent is an excellent addition to your camping gear. Pitching a tent is easy as you don’t need to ask for help. Also, you don’t need to exert effort in doing so. Whether you like a tent for one to two persons or a bigger one for your family, you will surely a pop-up camping tent that matches all your needs and expectations. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.