Best Outdoor Watches – [Top Pick 2020 Reviews]

A good of the outdoor watches should do more than just tell you the time. You want one to tell you where your while I’m going through a hiking trail or mountain climbing. It must also be tough to withstand the usual wearing and tearing as well as a patch of rain.

Casio Outdoor Smartwatch
Casio – Best Outdoor Watches – Image credit from Amazon

What are the best outdoor watches that offer more features apart from telling you the time and can move with you freely during your adventures? Let us show you by giving you six of the best outdoor watches to wear in 2020.

#1. Victorinox Airboss Mach 9 Outdoor Watches

Victorinox Airboss Mach 9 Analog Display Chronograph Automatic Watch

The Victorinox Airboss Mach 9 Watch shows that it does not need to have GPS or ABS location capabilities to be an outdoor watch. It simply has to be tough enough to withstand the rough terrain as you traverse across rocks, uneven surfaces, and shallow waters.

When it comes to being durable, The Airboss Mach 9 is a beast. It has a stainless steel casing that is resistant to rusting. Covering the display is sapphire crystal glass that can withstand scratches and prevents reflection. The watch will even work under 330 feet of water.

A useful feature of the Airboss Mach 9 is its chronograph or stopwatch function. The long red hand measures the second, the bottom clock face measures the minutes, and the top clock face measures the hours.

Conclusion: We love the classic design of the watch that makes it suitable for any occasion. Unlike other outdoor watches on the list, you will want to wear the Airboss Mach 9 during a party or an important interview. The durable design lets you take the watch anywhere with you outdoors without worrying about doing damage to the device. Unfortunately, the Victorinox is missing many of the functions of a competent outdoor watch. This includes GPS and ABC tools.

– Classy design
– Chronograph function
– Highly durable materials
– Good water resistant grade

– Lack of GPS and ABC functions

#2. Garmin fenix 3 GPS Outdoor Watches

Garmin Fenix 3 HR Special Edition

The Garmin Fenix Watch is another of the company’s high-end fitness devices that packs various features which track your health. This includes the number of steps you have taken, heart rate, calories burned, oxygen usage, and much more. The features make the watch appealing to athletes, sports players, or for anyone who wants to stay active.

The Durability of the Garmin Fenix 3 HR is at the top of its class with a stainless steel bezel and treated silicon band with reinforced housing. This allows the watch to withstand all form of wearing and tearing. It can also keep its inside safe from moisture for up to 100 meters.

The GPS can connect with GLONASS satellite using its Omni-directional antenna. The Fenix 3 HR also has an altimeter, barometer, and compass tools to help you know your location. Another feature is a GPS track log that creates a bread crumb trail or let you set a path on your own.

Conclusion: Fenix 3 HR does the job of being a fitness and outdoor watch. The various health trackers is a plus from us along with the durable design and functioning GPS tool. Much like Casio’s Pro Trek watch though, the size of the Fenix 3 HR can look bulky for some people. In addition, the watch may not save all of the track data such as the total distance of our hike while wearing the Fenix 3 HR.

– Track log feature
– GPS with ABC tools
– Fitness tracker functions
– Durable and waterproof design

– Bulky design
– Inefficient data saving function

#3. Suunto Traverse Alpha – Outdoor Watches

Suunto Traverse Alpha

We kick off the list with a watch that any military personnel will want to wear. The Suunto Traverse Alpha watch is incredibly durable and resistant against most types of physical damages. Its knurled stainless steel bezel casing prevents moisture from seeping in when you plunge the watch up to 300 feet of water. The Traverse Alpha uses a sapphire crystal glass, which is resistant against scratches. Wrapping around your wrist is a nylon strap that is resistant against water and physical damages while still comfortable to wear.

The Traverse Alpha uses a robust GPS feature that supports Global Navigation Satellite System technology. When out in the field, the GPS can give you the coordinates of your location in a short time. You can set the coordinates to latitude/longitude, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), and Military Grid Reference System *MGRS). Apart from giving you your location, you can set your routes and waypoint with the Traverse Alpha. If you need to find your way back, the watch will provide an automatic breadcrumb trail to show you the path you traversed. You can even import the routes through the app.

When hunting for game, the Traverse Alpha automatically detects any shots fired and creates a waypoint on the map. This will help you find your target easily. The watch also shows you fishing point of interest to tell you the best place to cast your line.

This outdoor watch also has other useful feature. This includes pairing your phone with the watch so you can look out for alert notification without taking out your device. The watch even has a built-in flashlight if you need to light an area.

Conclusion: The features of the Suunto Traverse Alpha shows off its military standard designs. It will take some effort to do some real damage on the watch. In addition, the GPS function and other features are incredibly useful when hunting or fishing.

What we do not like about the watch is the questionable Movescout app. The app requires an active connection to pair your phone and the watch. It also has some accuracy issues when it told us that we were going excessively far from the trail even though we have not veered away from it.

– Robust GPS feature
– Phone connectivity
– Emergency flashlight
– Durable and water-resistant design

– Inaccurate Movescount app

#4. Suunto Core Outdoor Watches

SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch

We end the list with another Suunto Core Outdoor Watch that goes for the bare basics. The device has an altimeter and barometer that has a dynamic function. If you use the watch while snorkeling, it will switch to a barometric pressure reading. If you are ascending tall terrains, the Core watch switches to altimeter measurement.

The compass function of the Core watch does more than just tell you which way is north. You can set a determined route or location point to the compass. When you set it, the arrow display will show you the path to follow. Additional features of the watch include bearing tracking and heading measured in degrees.

The casing has a bezel aluminum material while a mineral crystal glass protects the display. This makes the watch withstand wearing and tearing as you wear it for a long time. In addition, the Core has water resistant for up to 100 feet of water.

Conclusion: True to its name, the Suunto Core Watch gives you the basic functions that are useful for nearly any type of outdoor trek. This includes the ABC tools and route setting function. The watch also uses a CR2032 internal battery that has a life span of up to 12 months or more. The shortcoming of the Core watch is the strap that is not as durable as the head. Ours easily show cracks and tearing after wearing the watch for a couple of months. In addition, the watch is missing GPS function for easy navigation.

– ABC tools
– Route setting
– Durable watch head
– Long-lasting internal battery

– Low-quality strap
– Lack of GPS function

#5. Casio Men’s Pro Trek Outdoor Smartwatch

Casio Men's 'Pro Trek' Resin Outdoor Smartwatch

From one of the most recognizable name in watches, the Casio Men’s Pro Trek Outdoor Smartwatch has a rugged design that can take on the wild country. Surrounding the display is a black durable bezel with a faux metal finishes plastic casing. The durability of the watch matches the MIL-STD-810G military standards. The Pro Trek is water resistant, which can prevent leaks from entering the inner workings of the device if you plunge it up to 165 ft of water.

The GPS function of the Pro Trek can provide you your location through GLONASS, American GPS, and Michibiki QZSS satellites. You will get your location coordinates in a short time upon activating the GPS. In addition, the GPS syncs with the watch’s colored map display. This will give you an easy-to-read fix on where you are within the area. You do not need to have a broadband connection to use the maps. The watch can download the data and provide you the full-colored maps without any net connection.

Other features of the Pro Trek make full use of the colored map display. This includes connectivity to various apps on the Android OS that lets you download jogging tracks to the watch. With the Location Memory feature, you can add waypoints to mark points of interest in the map. Pins can also be customized by assigning an emoji to it. If you have friends wearing Pro Trek watches, you can use the Casio Moment Link to show you their location on the map.

The Pro Trek also contains other important functions for an outdoor watch. This includes a compass, altimeter, and barometer. These functions help you get a good grasp of your position.

Conclusion: The durability and functions of the Pro Trek are at par with what we want to have in an outdoor watch. This includes the GPS and its connectivity with the colored maps. What we do not like is its bulky design. Wearing it can be awkward when going to work or on any casual trip. In addition, the charging cable and port are questionably loose. Slightly moving the watch while it charges may disconnect the cable.

– Full colored maps
– Apps connectivity
– Military grade durability
– Accurate and fast GPS readings

– Large design
– Faulty charging function

#6. EZON Outdoor Sports H001 Watch

EZON Military Watch for Men Tactical Watches

The EZON H001 Watch is designed for mountain climbers with its altitude, pressure, and temperature reading. These measurements are essential for safely climbing tall terrains. Altitude can be set to meters or feet and the pressure is adjustable to hPa or iNhg. In addition, you can track your location with the altimeter, barometer, and compass function of the watch.

The H001 utilizes an internal battery that has a lifespan of around 12 to 15 months. This means that you do not have to worry about charging the watch when you take it with you on your outdoor trip.

In terms of durability, the watch has a tough PC and GF casing. This allows the watch to withstand physical damages and can work in harsh areas. In addition, the H001 is water resistant in up to 50 meters of water.

Conclusion: If you only need the basics with your outdoor watch, the EZON H001 has your back. We can definitely give this a thumbs up for its altitude, pressure, and temperature reading that are essential for any climbers. Unfortunately, the watch is missing a GPS function to help you get an exact bearing on your location. In addition, the water-resistant grade is lower than other outdoor watches on this list.

– Durable design
– ABC location tools
– Built-in long lasting battery
– Altitude, pressure, and temperature readings

– Lack of GPS function
– Weak waterproof rating

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Watches

You should have a clear grasp of the watches that are great for the outdoors. If you still need help to pick one, look for the following criteria in an outdoor watch.

GPS and ABC function
A decent outdoor watch should have an altimeter, barometer, and compass to give your bearings while traveling outdoors. While GPS is not a necessity, it is still very useful in giving you your precise location.

Remember that your watch will be taking plenty of bumps and scratches while wearing on an outdoor trek. The device needs to take the abuse and still function.

Water resistance
You may think that you do not need to have a watch that can take a dip in a small pool. However, there are plenty of chances for large amounts of water to reach your device. You want to make sure that it has the proper protection against moisture while wearing it on your trip.

Final Words

These six best outdoor watches should definitely be great for any kind of outdoor trek. Out of all of them, our vote goes to the Suunto Traverse Alpha. It offers everything we want from an outdoor watch such as GPS functions. It also has a military grade resistant design to keep its inner workings safe from physical damages and water. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.