Best Floor Gaming Chairs – [2020 Reviews & Guide]

How do you choose a floor gaming chairs that is specially created to transform your gaming experience?

If you just have limited space in your home, then suddenly your friends decided to come over and want to gather around to play video games, you’ll need a great chair. It also applies if you just want an area where you can enjoy playing your all-time video game. Whatever your reason is, the best new floor gaming chair is what you needed.

Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair
Giantex – Best Floor Gaming Chairs – Image credit from Amazon

#1. X Rocker Surge Video Floor Gaming Chair

X Rocker Surge Video Floor Gaming Chair

This modern floor gaming chair provides every gamer more than just comfort while playing video games. This chair helps your room look nice and clean because you can connect it wirelessly to your devices. Also, if your console does not have wireless connectivity support, you can still use direct wired with the use of RCA cables. It ensures the compatibility of all different types of consoles.

This chair also comes with a foldable design that has lightweight for you to move around without causing backache easily. Even if you’re not gaming, you surely love its two powerful speakers and its subwoofer that are equipped on the chair. Even if you are having a movie or a game, these powerful speakers make a truly inviting feeling that you always want to look forward to.

Conclusion: X Rocker Surge Best Floor Gaming Chairs is a great floor gaming chair that you can easily use. You can assemble it with your own, and sitting in it shares a very comfortable experience like the feeling when you first sat down.

– Easy to recline
– Not too big, suitable for small spaces
– Comes with a comfy leather seat

– Has creaking sound when rocking
– Needs HDMI converter for gaming systems

#2. X Rocker Pro Series H3 Floor Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Floor Gaming Chair

This chair is possibly considered as the best gaming chair on the market today. This floor gaming chair appears to be the full body experience chair. The player feels that they are not just playing the character but thinks that they are actually the main character.

With a built-in vibration tone, this floor gaming chair allows that player to feel all of the things that happen in-game, begins with transitory contact of the sword up to the rocketing movement of the game explosion.

This chair has a very powerful bass that brings you in the middle while playing a game. There is also extra vibration that easily goes along with the bass tones to improve your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Conclusion: If you care about the vibration of the chair, then consider this chair to supply what you are looking for. This chair is also good for watching TV as well as listening to music. Sitting with this chair offers a smooth and enjoyable experience.

– Very compatible with most of the gaming devices
– Comes with a built-in wireless receiver that you can easily connect with other chairs

– Heavyweight chair
– Pricier compared to other high-end floor gaming chairs

#3. Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE Floor Video Gaming Chair

Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE Floor Video Gaming Chair

Headphone jacks are included upon purchasing this chair. You can feel the sound that comes with the chair as it turns your movie watching and playing game experience into reality. This chair is compatible with almost all types of devices that you commonly use even in home theatre systems.

It also has a built-in side panel that lets you easily adjust the bass and volume, and this means that you never have to get up to control the settings on your television. This chair automatically links itself to other consoles makes it wonderful for all gaming experiences.

Conclusion: For those consumers that are looking for a solid chair for their younger ones can consider this chair. Having a decent sound system makes it ideal for stereo sound. Also, you can use this chair during your free time and appreciate being comfortable with it.

– No need to assemble once it arrives
– The cords directly run through the television
– You can easily flip out the armrest

– No Bluetooth capability

#4. Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Gaming Floor Chair

Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Gaming Floor Chair

This chair comes with a vibrant red and black color combination with fabric that is easy to care for you to wipe it clean easily. This chair also offers a stereo sound, version 2.1 Bluetooth connectivity, and a subwoofer. Also, you can use a headset or connect it with an RCA. If you have used any gaming console, then you must also have this floor gaming chair for you.

Another thing that you can do is you can individually adjust the bass and volume on the desired volume that you want. It also has an armrest that stands as additional support while you are gaming. When you are planning to play games for more than an hour, this floor gaming chair is right for you.

Conclusion: When purchasing a chair, always considered first about all its features, each floor gaming chairs have different great features. If you are going to choose this chair, all the cost is worth it as this chair offers a great and comfortable experience while gaming.

– Comes with an ergonomic design
– Affordable price
– A lot of customizable options

– Not compatible with the PS4 Bluetooth

#5. Giantex 360 Degree Gaming Floor Chair

Giantex 360 Degree Gaming Floor Chair

This type of floor gaming chair, known as Giantex, created a range of great quality products for the home. This chair has a 360-degree swivel that is no exception. Giantex can hold for up to 330 pounds of weight using a built-in spring compounded with a thick and cushiony sponge foam to give him extraordinary comfort and support while playing.

You can recline the seat for up to 3 different positions where you can choose for a more comfortable gaming activity. You can relax while playing puzzle games, play with a completely upright state, or play closer with an RPG. You can fully collapse this chair, and the good thing is you can store it when not in use.

Conclusion: Most people love playing video games, watching movies, and even sitting for relaxing after a tiring work must have this type of chair. You’ll find the comfort that you need with this chair.

– Very affordable gaming chair
– No need to assemble
– Easy to store the chair when not in use

– Basic design

#6. Factory Direct Partners FDP Soft Youth Floor Video Rocker

Factory Direct Partners Cushioned Ground Gaming Chair

Another type of floor gaming chair is this from FDP. Kids and teens have a lounge where they can feel comfortable while gaming and even reading. This typical floor rocker is the perfect chair where your kids can sit while watching TV, playing video games, or just relax while studying.

It is made from a hardwood frame that is filled with foam padding. Having a soft exterior makes it easy to clean without making a mess; you can just wipe it with mild soap and let dry it with a clean, dry cloth. This chair also has a lighter weight, and it is easy to transport even if your children can do it easily.

Conclusion: You may actually choose from many best gaming chairs in the market today. Having this chair with excellent features with lightweight capacity is a great choice to purchase. You can have extra time while bonding and playing games while sitting with this comfortable chair.

– Comes with polyurethane exterior for easy cleaning
– Lightweight design as it made for kids teens

– Feel the wood inside

#7. JOYTAKE Floor Video Gaming Chair

JOYTAKE Floor Video Gaming Chair

For those serious gamers who tend to sit on a thick floor, a gaming seat must be considered this floor gaming chair from JOYTAKE.

This chair comes with an adjustable three-position where you can easily adjust it to whatever posture you need while sitting, playing games, reading, or even watching television. When not in use, this chair can fold for easy storage and can be placed even in a small corner in your house.

Conclusion: Purchasing this 360-degree swivel chair is worth its price as it provides an enjoyable and comfortable experience while gaming and bonds with friends and families. As it has great features, it makes every game the most exciting one.

– Easy to clean
– A comfortable chair for gaming
– No heat can possibly build-up

– Need to use neck support especially for taller people

#8. X Rocker Dash Wireless Floor Rocker Gaming Chair

Ace Bayou Gaming Floor Chair

Another type of floor gaming chair to consider is this Ace Bayou gaming chair, which offers an ideal design like a race seat to give maximum comfort while gaming. Having two powerful faced-forward speakers makes this gaming chair a very inviting one.

Moreover, it features a sturdy speaker at its back for excellent sound and slightly rumbles experience. Because of this excellent sound, it adds an intensifying feeling while your gaming makes it more pleasurable.

Aside from that, you can easily store and transport this chair because it comes into a space saver portable design. The chair can support up to 275 lbs weight capacity.

Conclusion: If you are a gamer who spends most of your time playing video games, then this chair is the right choice that you can purchase. This chair lets your gaming experience feel like it actually happens in reality due to its sound.

– Flexible design where you can use for multiple uses
– Comes with a powerful subwoofer
– Can easily connect with other chairs

– Doesn’t have Bluetooth capability

#9. X Rocker Extreme III Video Gaming Floor Chair

X Rocker Extreme III Video Gaming Floor Chair

For those gamers who are looking for a very comfortable sitting position while gaming, then you must consider this another type of gaming chair. You can easily adjust the chair, making either upright or inclined positions. Other than that, it has versatile features where you can sit on it while gaming, reading, watching TV, listening to music, or just relaxing. Such an all-purpose gaming chair that comes with great media experience.

It also consists of two speakers that are placed in its headrest area where you can hear great sounds with escalating experience while gaming. You can connect this chair with other different chairs where you can control the volume and bass individually. For full-back support, this chair comes with ergonomic design for the added comfortable gaming experience.

Conclusion: This floor gaming chair is suitable for gaming sessions and as a lounge that can easily move from room to room without causing backache. Having a great feature of this chair makes it worth purchasing by all gamers.

– The versatile chair that can connect with multiple different chairs
– Offers excellent media experience
– You can adjust the bass and volume individually

– A not comfortable chair for other types of gamer

#10. Best Choice Products Reclining Folding Floor Gaming Chair

Best Choice Products 360-Degree Floor Gaming Chair

You can enjoy playing games with these four adjustable positions 360-degree swivel movement floor gaming chair. This chair has a steel bar bearing that helps to have a silent and smoother rotation. This chair is lighter weight yet very strong and having a lightweight makes it very easy to move around. Moreover, it has thick pads that are filled with tufted cushions that serve as additional relaxation and consolation.

Having four adjustable positions makes this chair very flexible, where you can relax and find a suitable position for you. A removable case also included upon purchasing it to avoid floor scratches that may happen. All in all, this chair comes in a foldable and dense design where you can easily fit it and also for easy storage.

Conclusion: Having thick padded cushions makes every gaming experience a comfy one. Purchasing this chair provides additional comfortable experience due to its 360-degree swivel movement.

– Comes with foldable design for easy storage
– 360-degree rotation
– Strong and solid chair construction

– Durability issue

Floor Gaming Chairs Buying Guide

1. Space Saving Feature
For those who have tight spaces in their area, you can choose to purchase a small and foldable floor gaming chair. Other options are a larger chair that comes with very comfortable cushions to make your gaming experience quite luxurious. For a truly enticing gaming experience, some chairs come with built-in speakers and relaxing headrests.

2. Ergonomic Design
Choose a gaming chair that is specially made with an ergonomic design that made it more comfortable, even having short rest with it or a long sitting session.

3. Comfort Features
This chair comes with a thick seat with back control to provide extra comfort. The recliner of this chair can hold up even for long hours of playing games. Thanks for its high-standard wireframe. It’s nice to have a 360-degree swivel gaming chair base that makes you move freely to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

4. Sound Features
Choose a floor gaming chair that is specially developed for gamers to have comfort and support in mind while playing their favorite game. Select one with a built-in ergonomic design padded with interior foam and one that supports perfect video gaming sounds. The sound can be easily transmitted to the subwoofer sound system as the speakers are placed near the headrest.

General Conclusion

Whether you want high-end comfort or inviting sound systems, there are many floor gaming chairs you can choose from. Since you have many options to choose from, you should always pick the best for you. You may consider the size, type of chair you want, and even the sound you’re comfortable with. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.