Best Family Tent – [2020 Reviews & Guide]

A good tent can make or break a family camping trip. This kind of trip can lead to memorable moments with your loved ones that are not possible with any kind of outing. You want a tent that can accommodate everyone to sleep inside and protect the inside from the elements. It should also be easy enough for you to set up in a short time.

SEMOO Family Cabin Tent
SEMOO – Best Family Tent – (Image Credit: Amazon)

What kind of tents should you take with you on your next family camping trip? We will answer that question by suggesting 11 of the best family tents that you can find in the market.

Product Review of the Best Family Tent of 2020

#1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 8-Person Fmaily Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 8-Person Tent

The Kodiak Canvas Tent features a Hydra-Shield canvas material. The lining of the tent is tightly weaved to prevent condensation of any kind of moisture from seeping inside. However, the material still allows air to freely enter and escape the room, which helps prevent the inside from becoming humid. Two air vents also let you control the circulation of the room. In addition, the tent has a vinyl floor that is sturdy and puncture resistant.

Inside the tent are a pouch compartment and gear lock that lets you store your items away from the floor. You also have a large awning at the front entrance of the tent. This provides a covered entrance where you can remove wet footwear before entering the tent.

Conclusion: We love the canvas material of the tent’s walls and ceiling that can prevent water and even snow from entering the tent. The awning is also a nice touch since we want a dry space outside the tent when it rains. The only flaw we see here is how the tent is promoted to hold up to eight people. However, the inner dimension of the tent is only 10” x 14” x 6.6”. If you are counting an all adult group, the tent can roughly hold around four to five people comfortably.

– Sturdy vinyl floors
– Waterproof and breathable material

– Small tent space

#2. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Lighted Fmaily Tent

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

The Coleman Tent utilizes a Weathertec system that protects the insides of your tent from the elements. This includes welded tub floors as well as taped and inverted seams. The Coleman Tent also make use of a special polyurethane coated fabric that further repels water. In addition, the tent utilizes a strong frame that is resistant to heavy winds.

True to its name, the Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Lighted Tent has its own lighting fixture. You can power it with four D batteries or use a rechargeable CPX 6 power cartridge. The CPX LED bulb can deliver 100 lumens of brightness within the tent. In addition, the spacious tent has space for a sleeping area at the side and dining area in the center.

Conclusion: The Coleman Tent somewhat still feel lacking in terms of space to fit in eight people with an inner dimension of 16” x 7” x 6.2”. Otherwise, the tent can definitely withstand moderate showers and strong winds. We also like the built-in lighting, which allows you to carry fewer camping lanterns or torches for the trip.

– Built-in lighting system
– Durable and waterproof material

– Tent space unsuitable for 8 people

#3. Coleman Dome Family Tent

Coleman Dome Tent

Another Coleman tent to add in this list is the Evanston Camping Tent. The Coleman tent’s inner dimension of 15” x 12” x 6” is spacious for around four to five adult campers. The size lets you fit two queen size beds. In addition, the Evanston Camping Tent utilize the same Weathertec System among Coleman tents that can keep moisture and condensation from finding its way to your sleeping bags.

What makes the Evanston Camping Tent standout is the covered screen room area. This gives you a place to eat lunch on a sunny day. You can also leave your wet shoes here before entering the tent during the rain.

Conclusion: The Evanston Camping Tent will keep you dry when it rains hard thanks to the Weathertec design. The covered area is also great for its versatile number of uses. The flaw of the Evanston Camping Tent is the lack of space in the covered area to accommodate more campers.

– Covered patio area
– Weathertec System design

– Indoor space lacks room

#4. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Family Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This is not just an instant family tent, this is an instant CABIN tent from Core. You can set up this cabin within one to three minutes with the help of another person. In addition, this tent has a spacious 14” x 9” x 6” inner dimension to comfortably fit around eight to nine adults.

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent uses H20 Block Technology design to keep the inner space dry. This design includes the use of heat-sealed seams to block any possible opening for water to come in.

Conclusion: We love having the instant-tent function with one that has a very spacious indoor space. The water-resistant canvas and tent design are also thumbs up from us. Unfortunately, setting up a tent of this size can be hard if done alone. This is why instant tent recommends at least two people to set it up.

– Spacious tent room
– Setup in less than three minutes

– Hard to set up with one person only

#5. Coleman Cabin Family Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Setting up most of the tent in this list usually, require around 10 to 20 minutes. In the case of the Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent, you can get your family tent in one to three minutes. The idea of an instant setup tent is the same as an umbrella. Simply spread out the canvas, pull up the frame until they click into place, and you have a tent for your family with plenty of time to spare.

The inner dimension of the Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent is 10” x 9” x 6”, which can fit up to two queens sized beds. As you can expect from the company, the tent utilizes the WeatherTec System to keep the inner space dry during heavy rains. In fact, the walls use a Polyguard double-thick fabric and polyester mesh that stops condensation from occurring.

Conclusion: We love the mechanism behind the instant setup tent that let us build the shelter with ease. With two people working on pulling the frames to their rightful position, we can get the tent up and ready for use in less than five minutes. However, setting up the tent with just one person can be incredibly challenging. Imagine trying to open three umbrellas simultaneously. While setting up the Coleman tent is not impossible with one person, you will want help to set up the tent in less than 20 minutes.

– Weathertec System
– Instant setup feature

– Requires two people to set up a tent

#6. Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Outdoor Family Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

The Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent is more like a larger version of the Elite Montana Lighted Tent. The inside measures at 17” x 9” x 6.8” in dimension, which can definitely allow more room for up to eight or nine people.

The Weathermaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent also utilize the same WeatherTech system with its tent. This includes the use of a special polyurethane coated fabric for the walls and ceilings to keep water out. In addition, the tent has an angled window that is slanted downwards. This allows air to circulate around the tent while preventing water from coming in during the rain.

Conclusion: The added space to the Weatherman Outdoor Tent comes close to the promise of providing a comfortable shelter for up to 10 people. It also has the same great canvas material as the Elite Montana tent that we love. Unfortunately, it lacks the awning as the previous tent that can be helpful during the rain.

– WeatherTech system design
– Large inner tent dimension

– Lack of awning

#7. Coleman 8-Person Fmaily Tent for Camping

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

Another Coleman tent that stood out is the Red Canyon Car Camping Tent. While the listing says that this is for eight people, the inner dimension of the shelter can fit in more people. The Red Canyon Car Camping Tent has a dimension of 17” x 10” x 6”, which is slightly much roomier than the Weatherman Outdoor Tent.

As you can expect from Coleman, this tent also uses the same Weathertec System materials, inverted seams, and waterproof floors. An interesting feature of the tent is a separator that lets you create three individual rooms. This help provides some privacy to your group.

Conclusion: The room inner space and separators are big plusses in our book. The tent offers plenty of room for eight people to move around in. The only shortcoming here is the lack of an awning again to give you and your family a dry place in front of the tent entrance. You can also check out our list of the best truck bed tents to get that much-needed comfort and protection.

– Weathertec system design
– Large spacious inner space

Lack of awning

#8. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person portable shelter

At first glance, the standout feature of the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is the screened area. The covered area is versatile for what you need. It can be a covered picnic area when you and your family need a shade while eating lunch. The area can also be an additional sleeping area with the mesh windows keeping out the bugs. When it rains, it will provide you with enough room to slip out of your wet footwear before entering the tent.

The Wenzel Klondike Tent has polyester walls, ceiling, and floor with polyurethane coating. The material is water repellent to keep the inner space dry when it rains.

Conclusion: We appreciate the large covered outdoor area that is missing among other tents in the list. The problem though is the small inner dimension of 11” x 7” x 6.5”, which makes the inner area suitable for around three to four adults.

– Weather-resistant materials
– The large covered outdoor area

– Small inner space for 8 people

#9. Browning Camping Big Horn Family Tent

Browning Camping Big portable shelter

When you need a tent that can comfortably fit eight adults, the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent is definitely one to consider. The inner dimension of the Big Horn Tent is 15” x 10” x 7.25”. In addition, the tent has a separator to create two large rooms. Each room has a designated door that allows certain people to enter and exit their own tent space.

Most of the Browning Camping tent has a meshed opening to let you fully enjoy the outdoors while within the tent. When you need cover for the sun or heavy rain, you can attach the weather resistant cover on top of the tent. The material of the cover and walls can keep the water from entering the tent.

Conclusion: We like the large size and the meshed sunroof of the tent that allow our group to take in the mountain site on our camping trip. The separator and two entrances make the Big Horn Tent seem like two tents merging into one. While the cover can protect you from the rain, it does not keep the cool air from seeping into the room. This makes the tent unsuitable for the cold or snowy area unless you have a portable heater.

– Large inner dimensions
– Water-resistant material

– Canvas cannot keep out cold air

#10. Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Fmaily Tent

Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person portable shelter

Another ideal tent that can fit up to 10 people comfortably within its inner space comes from Mountain Trail. The tent has an 18” x 10” x 6.3” inner diameter. In addition, the tent has a separator in the middle that lets you create two rooms within the tent. Like the Browning Camping Tent, the Mountain Trail Tent zipper door can be opened from both sides to create two different entrances for the separate rooms.

The top of the tent consists of mesh netting to prevent pests from entering while allowing air circulation to flow within the inner space. You can set up the rain fly cover the upper mesh when it starts to pour.

Conclusion: The inner space is large enough for up to 10 adults to fit comfortably. We also like the meshed sunroof of the Mountrail Trail Tent that lets you gaze at the stars while keeping mosquitos away. The problem with the tent is its nylon material, which is not enough to prevent leaks from happening.

– Large inner space
– Wide meshed ceiling

– The material does not stop leaks

#11. SEMOO Family Cabin Tent for Camping

SEMOO Big portable shelter

The Semoo Family Tent make use of polyester materials for its walls and ceiling. With the addition of the rainfly cover, the material makes the tent water resistant enough to keep nearly most of the rain out of the tent when the weather sours. In addition, the floor has a Polyurethane coating that makes it sturdy against multiple footsteps.

Holding up the tent are durable fiberglass poles. These poles can stand up to strong winds. In addition, the mesh windows of the tent allow a good amount of air to circulate inside.

Conclusion: The weather resistant tent canvas and poles make this a solid choice already. Even the polyurethane is great for outdoor use. Unfortunately, the space inside the tent is not big enough to accommodate up to five adults as the listing promises.

– Durable polyurethane floors
– Water resistant canvas material

– Lack of inner space

How to Choose the Right Family Tents?

To pick a good tent for your next family camping trip, you need to consider several factors.

Inner dimension
You want to make sure that everyone still has room to move around the tent at night. Always check on a tent’s inner dimensions to know if it has enough space for your family.

Always consider the possibility that rain may occur during your trip. A good tent should keep the rain out while your family sleep and still allow enough air to circulate inside it.

This covers various functions of specific tents such as the inclusion of an awning to give you a dry space for your wet footwear. It also includes a separator to make two separate rooms if you want an area for you and your partner as well as another for the kids.

Final Word

You now have a good grasp of what kind of tent can suit your family. Always remember to consider the indoor space and material of the tent before making your final purchase. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.