Best Climbing Ropes – [Top Picks 2020 Reviews]

Any experienced climber will tell you to replace any old climbing ropes gear. It’s paramount to always have the best equipment during any climbing session. You always need a tough and sturdy rope regardless if you’re climbing or scaling a mountain or a wall.

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Keep in mind that any piece of climbing equipment will eventually become a treasured relic. You may have a piece of long rope hanging around your garage that you call “Old Reliable,” but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be dependable forever. Even though that rope has some semblance of sentimental value, it doesn’t mean you have to keep on holding to it every time you go on a climbing trip. Let’s not forget that the rope you hold is also your lifeline.

With that in mind, you should always carry and use the best climbing ropes for your outdoor adventures. We’ve put up a guide to help you choose which rope to buy so that you won’t waste precious time and money in trying to check out pieces of rope that may just end up in the trash bin. Don’t forget to check out our buying guide as well.

#1. Sterling Evolution Velocity Dry Dynamic Climbing Ropes

Sterling Rope Evolution Velocity Climbing Rope

Durability is paramount when looking for a climbing rope. Luckily, the Evolution Velocity Climbing Rope by Sterling Rope doesn’t disappoint in that department. This single dynamic rope is an ideal choice for rock climbing thanks to its very sturdy nature. The 9.8mm diameter is thick enough for a comfortable grip for small to large-sized hands. There’s even a middle marker for users who want to suspend this rope on a hook or ceiling for those quick fitness fixes.

If you’re not a fan of rock or rope climbing but are looking for a highly durable rope for different purposes, then this product might even be your first choice. Get the chance to feel it once and you’ll immediately feel the toughness of the material touching your skin.

Conclusion: The Sterling Rope Evolution Velocity Climbing Rope presents very little drawbacks and shortcomings if any. This highly durable single dynamic rope is an excellent multi-purpose tool to help users climb walls, rocks, and perhaps even tie their luggage together.

– Multi-purpose
– Single dynamic
– Highly durable
– Thick 9.8mm diameter

– None

#2. POWER GUIDANCE Climbing Ropes


When looking for a climbing rope, many interested buyers also need to purchase a mounting bracket. Without the accessory, you need to tie a sturdy knot on a compatible surface to properly connect the rope. Finding a mounting bracket is another challenge in itself. Otherwise, you can just purchase the POWER GUIDANCE Climbing Rope.

This product already has a spliced knotted loop upon purchase. With this design choice, you can make do with easy-to-tie knot designs to create a sturdy anchor point. Even though the rope’s length is 20m, tying a knot on one end will effectively reduce the total span to about 18m. Still, this rope also has heat end shrink caps to prevent fraying for optimum longevity.

Conclusion: The POWER GUIDANCE Climbing Rope is a great choice for interested buyers who no longer want to look for a mounting bracket. Tying a knot on one end will reduce its overall length. Still, it’s heated end shrink caps promises maximum longevity as it prevents fraying.

– Durable
– 20m total length
– Heat end shrink caps

– Total length reduced after tying a knot

#3. Aoneky Static Outdoor Climbing Rope

Aoneky Static Outdoor Climbing Rope

Most climbing ropes on the market may disappoint users because of their weak durability levels. On the other hand, there’s the Aoneky Outdoor Climbing Rope. This static rope has a tear resistant design to ensure users that they won’t fall off during climbs. It has a maximum load bearing of 2000lbs which is more than enough to carry the weight of several people at any given time.

This multi-purpose rope isn’t just great for climbing. Hikers, boaters, spelunkers, and even engineers can take advantage of this rope’s great load bearing characteristic. It even comes in different colors to suit your design preferences.

Just keep in mind the anti-tear design is connected to its large load bearing figure. Users shouldn’t utilize this rope to try and save someone from falling off of a cliff.

Conclusion: Despite the Aoneky Outdoor Climbing Rope to present users with great durability, it’s not a good idea to use it to try and save someone’s life from falling off of a cliff. Its design makes the entire rope sturdy but the material may easily tear when it’s continuously rubbed across an edge.

– Durable
– Multi-purpose
– Anti-tear material
– 2000lb maximum load bearing

– Not ideal for life-saving purposes

#4. Syiswei Professional Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope

Syiswei Professional Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope

With the Syiswei Professional Rock Climbing Rope, it presents itself as an ideal choice for casual rock climbers. Its 12m maximum length is good enough for trying to reach short distances. Still, there are better climbing ropes out there found in a similar price range that offer more distance than this product. Nonetheless, 12m is more than enough for any walls or rock climbing adventures.

This polyester-made rope also has a double braid construction with a reinforced inner core to help boost maximum durability and longevity. The entire model is also lightweight enough thanks to its shorter-than-average length. Hence, climbers and hikers who don’t want to add a significant amount of weight to their total luggage may want to seek out this rope.

Conclusion: The lightweight construction of the Syiswei Professional Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope is great for light backpackers, hikers, and climbers. It has a shorter maximum length than many other ropes on the market, but the 12m span is already useful for many outdoor adventures.

– Reinforced inner core
– Double braid construction
– Durable polyester material

– Shorter-than-average length

#5. X XBEN Outdoor Climbing Rope

X XBEN Outdoor Climbing Rope

There are many outdoor climbing ropes on the market that easily tear when the outer skin rubs against another surface. Xben’s product promises users this issue won’t take place even in dire moments. This rope’s sliding rate for its outer skin is less than 0.05% which means potential tears won’t easily pile up even with great friction or use.

Its low ductility design helps prevent safety and security risks. This climbing rope also has a lightweight architecture perfect for different outdoor trips that require heavy luggage. However, the total length of this product could be better. On the other hand, the pre-made eyelets is still a nice touch to offer additional convenience to climbers and hikers.

Conclusion: The Xben Outdoor Climbing Rope may be an ideal choice for many climbers and hikers. Its sliding rate is so low that people can even use it for certain life-saving situations. It may not be the longest rope on the market, but it does have a low ductility design that effectively helps prevent safety risks.

– Low sliding rate
– Lightweight nature
– Low ductility design

– Only decent length

#6. Fding Rock Climbing Rope

Fding Rock Climbing Rope

Many climbing ropes on the market only offer the rope and not anything else. Luckily, the Fding Rock Climbing Rope already comes with additional accessories out of the box. It contains buckles to help secure the product to a hook or surface without letting users tie knots which would otherwise lessen the effective length.

Keep in mind, however, that this product is a static rope which means it doesn’t stretch or absorb energies as much as other types of climbing ropes. Still, the design, architecture, and material of this climbing rope allow the product to be a good choice for outdoor survival activities.

Conclusion: The Fding Static Climbing Rope is a great choice for rock or wall climbing. However, it doesn’t absorb energies or stretch as good as other similar products on the market. It does have a durable design which makes it good for different outdoor activities.

– Durable
– Additional accessories
– Great for outdoor survival activities

– Doesn’t stretch or absorb as good as other ropes

#7. Black Diamond Dynamic Climbing Rope

Black Diamond Dynamic Climbing Rope

Are you looking for a rope for casual rappelling? If so, then the Black Diamond Climbing Rope may be the right product for you. Bear in mind that this product is a dynamic rope which means it has a certain “boing” factor to it. In other words, it will stretch with tension to ease snags whenever a climber takes a fall. If you need to immediately stop while rappelling, this rope won’t give you that advantage.

However, it’s durable nature is ideal for climbing, hiking, and, of course, rappelling. Just make sure that you go down as slow and as careful as possible if you plan on using this rope. Users can also take advantage of its very long 35m length.

Conclusion: The Black Diamond Climbing Rope has an effective length of 35m. It’s also an ideal choice for rappelling despite its “boing” factor.

– Durable
– Very long

– Bouncy

#8. Syiswei Professional Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope

Syiswei Professional Outdoor Rock ClimbingRope Static

With this Syiswei Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope, it presents itself as a sturdy and high-quality piece of climbing equipment to its users. The lightweight polyester material is excellent for backpackers and hikers who don’t wish to add too much weight to their overall pile of luggage.

It doesn’t have a good load bearing as it can only hold up to 250lbs. Still, if you’re already a fit person and you’re looking for an inexpensive climbing rope, then you can check out this product.

Conclusion: This Syiswei Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope may not be for heavyweight users. Nonetheless, it’s a good multi-purpose rope for many different outdoor activities.

– Lightweight
– Multi-purpose
– Durable polyester material

– It can only hold up to 250lbs

#9. Get Out! Workout and Training Climbing Rope

Get Out! Workout and Training ClimbingRope

While there are climbing ropes dedicated to scaling rocks and walls, the Get Out! Climbing Rope offers itself for fitness-centric individuals. This professional-grade rope is aimed for strength and cardio workout regimens to help you improve grip and muscle. It has a poly-dac polyester construction to provide users with a lightweight and durable core.

Conclusion: The Get Out! Workout and Training Climbing Rope is an ideal choice for people who want to elevate their climbing game without having to look for mountains or walls. This rope has minimal shortcomings if any. It even has a more-than-average length of 25m.

– Durable core
– Long 25m length
– Elegant black color

– None

#10. Liberry Outdoor Static Rock Climbing Rope

Liberry Outdoor Static Rock ClimbingRope

With the Liberry Outdoor Climbing Rope, it presents users with an industry standard static design to meet many requirements for different outdoor activities. It has a maximum load bearing of 1,000lbs which is more than enough to secure two or three people.

Another advantage to purchasing this climbing rope is the inclusion of a bag and a pair of gloves. As a result, interested buyers can save a few bucks on separately buying these accessories.

Conclusion: The Liberry Climbing Rope is a good selection for people looking for a multi-purpose product for outdoor use. This rope has a decently large load bearing and it even has additional accessories straight out of the box.

– Additional accessories
– Ideal for outdoor activities
– 1,000lb maximum load bearing weight

– None

Advantages of Best Climbing Ropes

The climbing ropes is your lifeline. Whether you’re doing rope climbs in your home or at the gym, or if you’re going to use it to scale a wall, a sturdy rope will help in preventing falls.

Enhance Grip Strength
Weightlifting enthusiasts without the right amount of grip can be limiting. You may have the muscle to carry strong weights. However, if you don’t have the right amount of grip then you expose yourself to injury. Using the best climbing rope can effectively help build grip strength.

Boost Confidence
There’s a definite boost in confidence once you reach the top of a climbing rope. Having a hard-wearing rope to use during fitness exercises can aid in enhancing your self-belief to use in flaunt in many situations.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Climbing Ropes

1. Type
2. Diameter and length
3. Features
4. Safety Ratings

Final Conclusion

There are certain factors to consider when looking for the best climbing ropes on the market. Never rush the decision making process as the rope you buy may very well save your life during those dire moments. Never underestimate the power of a good rope.

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