Best Camping Pillows – [Top Picks 2020 Reviews]

Whenever you go camping or hiking, don’t you wish you had a decent pillow besides the rugged clothes that you had to make do with to get through the night? However you can’t bring a pillow from home cause it will be too big and space consuming. In search for your problem’s solution, we have taken the time to boil out 2020’s top 9 Best Camping Pillows for sleep and comfort on the go. Each of these pillows packs down to a good carry size, and expands back to a firm pillow for the freedom of sound sleep where a little eye shut is a challenge.

TETON Sports Camp Pillow
TETON Sports – Best Camping Pillows – Image credit from Amazon

#1. Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow

Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow

Nemo Fillo is filled with therapeutic qualities as it is a hybrid pillow that combines luxury foam, the soft foam layer, and air inflation, the ability to adjust for firmness. If you value sound sleep, the Nemo Fillo will be your friend to accompany your dream with soft touch and firm support.

In its compact storage form, it weighs only 9 oz, and packs smaller than a water bottle. When in use, you can inflate it up to 3 inches.

Conclusion: It is a handy pillow for picnics, beach, camping as well as for car and flight trips. It is very comfortable for stomach, back, and side sleepers. You can also check out our list of the portable pumps.

– Machine Washable
– Height up to 3 inches
– Luxury Foam with air insulation
– Storage size less than a water bottle

– Hefty

#2. Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows

TREKOLOGY Ultralight Inflating Camping Pillows

This is the most compact and lightweight inflatable pillow you will find on the market; it packs down even smaller than a soda can. In full form, it features curvature design that is an ergonomic neck support as it wraps around head and neck to provide full support no matter what position you choose to sleep in.

You can fully inflate the pillow with only around 3-5 breaths by mouth. Then, you can adjust the air by deflating just the right amount by pressing down on the air valve. When you are done, you can deflate it completely with the Quick Deflate feature which quickly releases all the air in only a matter of seconds.

Conclusion: The Dreamer Comfort Air Pillow is perfect for stomach, side, and back sleepers and is a very portable accessory as it packs up smaller than a soda can.

– Compact storage
– Curvature design
– Water resistant
– Slip resistant material
– Inflate, deflate quickly
– Durable Elastic TPU fabric

– No fill or padding under polyester cover

#3. Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

It will only take your Cub Scout three breaths to inflate this into a premium scalloped pillow, soft and durable enough for some knocks. The fabric is also bred out of durable material with soft texture and stretchy property. The synthetic fill inside keeps comfort and wicks away perspiration.

Whether you are sleeping on your side, back or even upright on a chair, the curved contour cradles your neck all through your deep sleep phase.

Conclusion: Take it on your camping trip, backpacking, hiking, or on a train, car or airplane.

– Curved internal baffles
– Brushed 50D polyester knit
– Synthetic fill wicks away sweat

– Not machine washable
– Not very comfortable

#4. Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow

Klymit Camping Pillow

First and most important feature you will notice about this pillow is the innovative self-centering X design which works incredibly well at keeping your head oriented on the pillow surface. It will help center your head and stabilize it when you turn in your sleep. It can otherwise be used as a kid seat cushion, or arm rest as it can be fold over for different support levels. What makes it a great travel pillow is that it weighs only 1.95 oz. and packs up to the size of a lighter.

Conclusion: It is great for home and travel and anything in between.

– Included Stuff Sack
– Lifetime Limited Warranty
– Pack up to size of lighter

– Mostly users find it very small

#5. Exped Air Pillow

Exped Air Pillow

No matter where you are, whether you are camping, or traveling on flight, boat, car, train, the Exped Air Pillow packs away so small, it even fits in your fist while the weight is almost insignificant. It is a very handy and portable comfort accessory to have. It inflates up with just a couple of breaths and is adjustable to your desired squishiness and deflates back in less than a minute.

Conclusion: This pillow is a true essential to bring on your backpacking and trips. It is so light and small that you might even forget you brought it along.

– Pack up to fist size
– Soft Tricot Polyester
– Two low-profile Valves

– It lacks comfort level
– Noisy

#6. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping

The Therma-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow is ideal for sleep and comfort on the go; it is a true travel essential definitely beating rolled up clothing and inflatable pillows. The outer material is soft and comfy while the inside is just the sufficient amount of cushion which expands into a soft, squishy pillow, 4 inch thick, for back, neck, head support.

After used, the pillow packs into compact form and fits into your backpack, suitcase, duffle, or tote; it is held tightly compressed with drawstring and cord lock.

Conclusion: It provides comfort for your back, neck, and head in any places from cars, tents, planes, etc. It is well-suited for road trips, camping, backpacking, and on-the-plane nap.

– Machine Washable
– Drawstring, Cord Lock
– Compact storage design
– Brushed polyester cover, soft

– N/A

#7. TETON Sports Camping Pillows

TETON Sports Camp Pillow Perfect

The TETON Sports Pillow is a good size for backpack as it compresses down to the size of a small football, but expands out to the size of 2 bread loafs. It remains extra soft and fluffy, not giving up its loft no matter how small it compresses.

You will also receive an Oxford Stuff Sack including drawstring and barrel-lock to stuff your pillow into compact form. After removal from the sack, the pillow will loft on its own to give the neck support while brushed P5 poly hi-count provides cozy touch to your face.

Conclusion: You will be spending less for a nice pillow, just the right size, not heavy, soft and warm against your face. It is suitable for camping, backpacking, cross-country travel, airplane, sleeping under stars etc.

– Machine Washable
– Included Stuff Sack

– N/A

#8. Cozy Hut Portable Memory Foam Camping Pillows

Portable Memory Foam Camping Pillow Travel Pillow Ergonomic Sleeping Bed Pillow

This Camping Pillow has all the firmness of a blow up pillows, but unlike the blow up ones, its memory foam keeps it from going flat. The pillow stretches wide enough for your back width to provide comfy support and no matter how many times you use it, the medical grade memory foam retains back its shape every time.

It wraps around the neck giving ergonomic neck and head support in every sleep position. After use, you fold it to storage size and put in the included bag.

Conclusion: It is suitable to bring one of these to camp, travel, backpacking, hiking, flight, or anywhere you need lumbar support. It is great for stomach, side and back sleepers.

– Breathable
– Hypoallergenic
– Anti-bacterial
– Machine washable
– Moisture Wicking
– Dust mite-resistant
– Super Soft Velour Cover
– Medical grade memory foam

– Heavy

#9. Coop Home Goods – Adjustable Travel and Camping Pillows

Coop Home Goods - Adjustable Travel and Camping Pillow

This camping pillow adjusts to your needs as you can add or remove as much foam as you want. It may be smaller as a travel pillow, but it features great luxury loft and its memory foam allows shaping and molding for your desired need.

In addition, it features signature Lulltra fabric, with thermos-regulating capability, ensuring comfy and cool sleep day and night.

Conclusion: Take it to camp, and for travel. It is suitable for campers, backpackers, business travelers, alike.

– Soft Bamboo Rayon
– Machine Washable
– Dust Mite Resistant
– Included stuff sack
– Thermo Regulating Cover
– 5 year warranty
– Hypoallergenic resistant

– Heavy for some

Buying Guide of Best Camping Pillows

For convenience and order, the pillow list is divided into 2 groups, the inflatable and the foam filled ones. Product #1 to #5 are the inflatable pillows and the other 4 are filled with foam. While the inflatable ones give you adjustable firmness, some of them might deflate in your sleep.

However, the real advantage of carrying one of these is you barely feel its weight and space consumption as it can pack up as small as a lighter. On the other hand, a good foam filled pillow would retain its shape and form no matter how many times you have used them, but does not provide real adjustability and will always take up more space than the inflatable pillows. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.