Best Beginner Surfboards – Next Level With Beginner of 2021

Already next level with beginner surfboards for activities that beach lovers sport on the water, Surfing is one of the best hobbies and sports in the world and is arguably the most popular activity you can do when you are on the beach. In some places, it has become a way of life as many people would rather live by the beach just to enjoy the waves and surf. That is why surfing is one of the activities that beach lovers would really like to learn more than any other water-based hobby.

Wave Bandit Beginner Surfboard
Wave Bandit – Best Beginner Surfboards – Image credit from Amazon

But the thing about surfing is that it is not the easiest activity to learn, especially if you do not know the basics and if you are not using the right surfboard. There are certain surfboards that were specifically designed to fit beginners while there are others that are better off for those who have been surfing for a very long time. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best beginner surfboards that 2021 has to offer.

Product Review of the Best Beginner Surfboards of 2021

#1. South Bay Board Premium Surfboards for Beginners

South Bay Board Premium Surfboards for Beginners

The 7′ Beginner Surfboards from South Bay Board Co. were specifically designed to stand out in terms of performance even though they may have been developed for the use of beginners. They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on who is going to use them. As such, beginner surfers will have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the first surfboard they could use to learn the basics of surfing.

All of South Bay Board Co.’s beginner surfboards have the best features anyone would look for in a board. They are durable, great at dispersing impact, easy to control in terms of speed, and are simple enough to balance for beginners and advanced users alike. And with the wide range of choices you have, the possibilities are simply endless when it comes to South Bay Board Co.’s beginner surfboards.

Conclusion: South Bay Board Co. 7′ Beginner Surfboards are great for beginners because of how they make it easier for them to learn in a controlled, comfortable, and easy manner. You would be hard-pressed to find other boards that offer the same range of choices and the quality you would get from this brand.

– It is made from durable materials
– Great control and speed for beginners
– It offers a wide range of choices for you to choose from

– Can feel a bit flimsy at times

#2. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Pinline Surfboard

Wavestorm 8 Classic Pinline Surfboard

While the Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard was not exactly designed or made to be used as a surfboard for beginners, it still works wonders for those who are still learning how to surf because of its overall construction. Coming from one of the best brands in all of the United States, this surfboard performs up to par for beginners because of how light it is and how easy it is to handle for plenty of first-time surfers. On top of that, it comes with a comfortable feeling that makes learning how to surf a breeze.

In terms of its overall quality, you can never really doubt what Wavestorm is going to give you. This surfboard has a resilient build that will allow it to last for a long time. It also features a water barrier skin and a strong core that work well to make it durable. On top of that, its textured skin makes it easy for you to stay on the board if you are still learning how to surf.

Conclusion: Quality and experience-wise, you can never really doubt what the Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard can give you as it has a supreme combination of build, comfort, and ease-of-use that are difficult to match.

– Very light and easy to handle
– One of the most durable surfboards the market has to offer
– The comfortable surface and textured grip make it ideal for beginners

– Limited range of choices
– Not the best for advanced surfers

#3. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer

The Wave Bandit Performer is endorsed by musician and surfer Ben Gravy. While Ben Gravy is not the most legendary surfer out there, the Ben Gravy Performer performs up to par when it comes to teaching beginner surfers precisely because this surfboard was made to be used in almost any kind of situation. That is why it is often called the board for novelty surfers as it adjusts seemingly to most kinds of surfing conditions.

When it comes to its overall performance and quality, the Wave Bandit Performer feels like it can be used on rivers and beaches alike regardless of whatever kind of wave you are using. It was designed to have a dense and slick bottom that allows it to stay as versatile as it is. Of course, the shape and the thruster fin also work wonders when it comes to giving you the best kind of surfing performance as a beginner.

Conclusion: While not the best surfboard for beginners, we like the Performer because of how versatile it is. It works great in a lot of different conditions and is fun to use if you are often on the go hunting for different kinds of waves.

– Impressively durable
– Works in rivers and beaches alike
– Floats like an 8′ board even though it is only 6′
– Very versatile and can be used for surfing most kinds of waves

– It does not really stand out in any major category
– Not the longest board for beginners and may be difficult to balance

#4. South Bay Board Co. Premium Surfboards for Beginners (7, 8, and 8’8)

South Bay Board Premium Co Surfboards for Beginners

The South Bay Board Co. 8’8 Beginner Surfboards are different varieties of 8’8 surfboards that were made to be used by beginners that are very easy to use precisely because of how large they are. As the company itself says, these are “cheater” boards that were designed to help beginners learn the basics of surfing easily because of how long they are and how easy they are to balance.

Durability and performance-wise, you cannot say anything wrong about these beginner boards because of how they were made using the best materials possible. On top of that, these boards also feature the kind of comfort and ease-of-use that will make surfing such a fun experience for beginner surfers who simply just want to enjoy their first time surfing.

Conclusion: Large and easy to use, these surfboards are a joy for beginners and are some of the simplest boards to learn from. On top of that, they make surfing comfortable and enjoyable, even for those who are still trying to understand the basics.

– It has a wide range of choices for you
– Large enough that these boards are easy to use
– It gives you that premium feel and construction

– Simply too easy to use that you won’t progress if you use these boards for a long time

#5. Goplus Inflatable Beginner Surfboards

Goplus Inflatable Beginner Surfboard

If you are looking for something that really is for beginners, then an inflatable board such as the Goplus Inflatable Surfboard should fit the bill. Since it is inflatable, it really is not too difficult to use on the water as it easily floats on the surface and is great for almost any kind of body of water.

In terms of its functionality, you won’t have a problem with how this board functions since its friction and its durability allows it to perform really well for beginners. Meanwhile, because it is inflatable, it is one of the most portable surfboards you can carry around as it does not need a lot of effort for you to bring it during one of your trips.

Conclusion: The Goplus Inflatable Surfboard is not the best on the market, but it certainly has its wonders for beginners. It functions as a surfboard and as an inflatable paddleboard and offers you the comfort and performance you need to stay confident when learning how to surf.

– Very easy to carry around and store
– Doubles as a paddleboard and as a surfboard
– The details are controllable as you can adjust the components of the board to make it easier for you to surf

– It does not really stand out well as a surfboard
– It is more of a paddleboard than an actual surfboard

#6. South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboard for All Levels

South Bay Board Co Hybrid Beginner Surfboard

Just like any board from the South Bay Board Co., the Hybrid Surfboard focuses a lot on performance and was designed to be a hybrid board that works well for experienced users and beginner surfers alike. It comes with a textured surface that beginners will find very useful. Meanwhile, it is shaped to give beginners a fun experience out in the water.

You are going to love how durable this board is as it was meant to be really sturdy thanks to its bamboo fiberglass deck. At the same time, the same kind of materials makes it really light. You would also have a wide range of options to choose from as the Hybrid Surfboard comes in different sizes.

Conclusion: Designed as a hybrid board, the South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboard is fun and easy to use for beginners and intermediate surfers alike. It is solid, sturdy, and has the ease-of-use that makes learning how to surf and easy chore.

– It is meant to be used by both beginners and experienced surfers
– The bamboo fiberglass deck adds a nice touch to its overall durability

– It does not work well in small waves and seemingly excels only in large waves

#7. South Bay Board Co. 6′ Beginner Surfboards for Kids

South Bay Board Co - Beginner Surfboard

Meant for kids, the South Bay Board Co. 6′ Beginner Surfboard for Kids was certainly designed to be used by children and beginners alike. That said, it has the qualities that make a good board for beginners to use. It has a grippy exterior that sticks like a charm to prevent beginners from slipping. Its tail and nose were also designed with the beginner in mind as they make it easy to use and control the board.

Even though it was made for kids, this board still features the same kind of high-quality materials you would expect from adult surfboards. On top of that, it remains light enough for kids and beginners to use without any difficulties.

Conclusion: If you have a child or if you have the measurements of a child, this surfboard might be the best for you to use when learning how to surf for the first time.

– Very easy to control and use
– They are designed for kids and beginners

– Experienced adults might not have a lot of fun using this board
– Should be a board you would graduate from as you advance in terms of skill

#8. KONA SURF CO. Midlength Beginner Surfboards

KONA SURF CO Midlength Beginner Surfboard

Coming from a premium brand with a premium price, the KONA SURF CO. Midlength Beginner Surfboard is a great board to use for a lot of different surfers and also works well for those who are still learning how to surf. It was made to be a hybrid board that is easy to use. On top of that, it is actually quite stable that beginners won’t have a lot of trouble balancing on it.

Meanwhile, it has components that make turning and controlling the board easy. Its diamond tail is a breeze to use when you are trying to maneuver through the waves. It also has a shape and design that allows it to pick up speed easily without sacrificing balance and stability.

Conclusion: As a hybrid board, the KONA SURF CO. Midlength Beginner Surfboard functions really well for beginners and experienced users alike and will make surfing and learning how to surf so easily due to its ease of use and its overall stability.

– It is made to be stable and easy to balance
– Picks up speed quite well but is still easy to control

– Pretty expensive

#9. Liquid Shredder Soft kids and beginner Surfboard

Liquid Shredder Soft kids board

The Liquid Shredder Soft Surf Board was designed to be an economy board so that beginners can learn how to surf without shelling out a lot of money for other expensive options. It is great for novice surfers and comes with the kind of stiffness and ease of use that fits the style and pace that beginners like. Meanwhile, its exterior is so soft that beginners won’t have a lot of problems with it. Nevertheless, the bottom is still very dense that it allows the surfboard to pick up speed so easily.

Conclusion: As an economy entry, the Liquid Shredder Soft Surf Board is a good option for those who are looking for the bang for their buck when learning how to surf.

– Affordable price
– Retains the quality you would see in most expensive boards

– Not the best in terms of performance

#10. KONA SURF CO. Beginners Surfboard for Kids and Adults

KONA Surfboard

The KONA SURF CO. Surfboard for Beginners Kids and Adults is the company’s entry in the beginner line of surfboards as this product was made for kids and adults who are still trying to learn the basics. It retains all of the essential qualities of other KONA SURF CO. surfboards but was custom-designed in terms of shape and size to fit the needs of beginners. It was also made to be resistant to water and has a bottom that is slick enough for it to perform well in terms of speed and overall protection for beginners.

Conclusion: Stylish and sleek, the KONA SURF CO. Surfboard for Beginners Kids and Adults makes for a good choice for beginner kids and adults alike but still performs up to par with other types of surfboards.

– Meant for beginner kids and adults
– Designed to have the shape and size that is perfect for beginners

– A bit expensive for a beginner board

Final Conclusion

There are plenty of best beginner surfboards out there on the market that it can be difficult to weed out those that are not worth your time. However, with our best beginner surfboards list, we can assure you that you will never go wrong with choosing a beginner surfboard that fits your overall needs and preferences when you are still learning how to surf. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.