Best Air Mattress Hand Pumps – Top Selections of 2021

Are you getting tired of changing your air mattress hand pumps now and then? Are you a fan of air mattresses, but you simply cannot maximize their uses because of your poor quality pumps? Many would understand your frustration, and you will likely find the best solution to your problem.

WEY&FLY Air Mattress Hand Pump
WEY & FLY – Best Air Mattress Hand Pumps – Image credit from Amazon

The good thing now is that several air mattress hand pumps are known to be superior in performance and durability. Read on, and you will learn about the 9 Best Air Mattress Hand Pumps of 2021.

List of The Best Air Mattress Hand Pumps of 2021

#1. Double Quick III S Hand Pump Intex

Intex Air Mattress Hand Pumps

Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump can make a great choice, and it’s one of the best-selling pumps available in the market today. Intex is a very well-known brand, and it is no longer a big revelation that they have decided to explore with their unique version of the pump.

It’s also recommended for people who prefer pumps that are entirely manual. This lets the users pump whenever and wherever they like, even if they don’t have access to electricity. This hand pump is very easy to use. It is truly reliable – simply connect it to the air mattress and start pumping. It also has three various adapters to suit various valves.

Aside from the easy inflation, Intex Double Quick III also deflates easily. Move the hose to the port designed for deflation, and you can easily remove the air. It is termed “Double Quick” because it inflates both when you push and pull. With this kind of design, you tend to save more energy, whether you are inflating or deflating.

Conclusion: Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump is an ideal option for those who want to avail affordable and easy-to-use device to get their air mattress blown up. Being an affordable pump, you will be astonished at how rapidly it inflates, and it is very strong.

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– Portable
– Manual pump
– Has three nozzles
– Deflation features
– Push and pull pumping

– Can be laborious

#2. Texsport Double Action Hand Pump for Air Mattress

Texsport Air Mattress Hand Pumps

The Texsport Double Action Hand Pump is designed for various uses such as inflating boats and air mattresses. Thanks to its high-quality nozzle, it’s able to do a lot of things. This device is a double-action pump, which implies that it can also be used for inflation. It exhibits propellants that provide steady performance and accuracy when pumping.

If you have no problem executing the work, then this particular product would make an exceptional pump for your inflation requirements. It is one of the easy-to-use hand pumps, and is also durable and meant to last for a long time.

This hand pump is solid, and ideal for camping trips or any other events where electricity is not accessible. Nevertheless, unlike other devices, Texsport Double Action is not a small-sized pump and may not be the ideal choice if you want to store it in a backpack.

Conclusion: If you want to get something that does not easily give up on the pressure and does not mind spending a little bit more to ensure the quality, then Texsport Double Action Hand Pump is a great choice. It is not the most expensive hand pump nor the most affordable but certainly ensures quality.

– Easy-to-use
– Strong and long-lasting

– Needs a lot of energy
– Not the best option for lightweight hand pump

#3. MINGRU Dual Action Ball Pump for Basketball

MINGRU Air Mattress Hand Pumps

The MINGRU Dual Action Ball Pump is straightforward, lightweight, and exhibits a fundamental architecture for any sports gear. Because of its small size, this pump is easy to pack. It has two types of pumping nozzle, which can work to any kind of valve.

To get rid of the hand strain, the pump exhibits another feature of the ergonomic handle. This specific feature offers convenience, and it eliminates any kind of fatigue. It has four additional metal needles, two plastic sharped spouts, and a removable rubber hose. This rubber hose shields the needle from any form of casualty.

MINGRU Dual Action pump has an exterior covering that is built from a frosted material. This covering looks great and creates a non-slipping touch.

Conclusion: MINGRU Dual Action Ball Pump is built with superior quality. Another thing that motivates customers to use this pump is the corresponding 90-day guarantee. In many cases, customers may claim back their money if they are not satisfied with the performance.

– Very durable
– Easy to handle
– Compact quality

– Does not have an air pressure gauge

#4. Bestway 62030 Air Hammer Double Action Inflation Pump

Bestway 62030 Air Hammer Double Action Inflation Pump

Bestway 62030 Air Hammer Double Action Inflation Pump is made with a convenient shape to operate. It exhibits 3 kinds of various holes to suit the filling hole; the wind can be employed for the inflation and deflation of the hose pump. It has an adaptable air volume capacity, which is ideal for easy pumping.

Its hose is durable and flexible that easily plugs into the air valve. The moment the hose settles inside the valve, it will be a simple condition of regularly stroking the handle until such time that the inflatable reaches its ideal air capacity. It has a deflate switch and an air capacity that reaches 2 x 2,000 cubic centimeters.

Conclusion: Bestway 62030 Air Hammer Double Action Inflation Pump is a great pump for air mattress owners. With its heavy-duty construction, this small-sized pump is structured to blow great air.

– Easy-to-use
– Heavy-duty construction
– Easily reverses from inflation to deflation

– May require great strength

#5. GoFloats Rapid Inflation Manual Air Pump

GoFloats RAir Mattress Hand Pumps

The GoFloats Rapid Inflation Manual Air Pump was made to bind a superior performance pump inside a smooth and slick shell. The pump uses dual-action rapid inflation science to inflate even the biggest air mattresses in seconds. This simply implies that whether the pumping of the handle is done up or down, the air is still established to flow out, which indicates that users can inflate air mattresses 50 percent quicker than the single-action pumps.

This manual air pump has 4 adapters; hence, it is suitable for any regular inflation valve. Also, the pump exhibits a reverse functionality that lets you remove the entire air from the air mattress if not using it.

Conclusion: If you want to ensure that you invest your money right, then this is an exceptional all-purpose hand pump and a perfect choice, especially if electricity is not accessible. Users will also love to get this device as it also comes with a 1-year warranty so customers can purchase and use it with assurance.

– User-friendly
– Rapid inflation
– Dual-action pump

– Can be exhausting

#6. Double Quick III – Hi-Output Air Pump

Double Quick III Air Mattress Hand Pumps

The High-Output Air Pump – Double Quick III is a hand-operated pump that is used to inflate air mattresses and rafts with equanimity. Its architecture imposes air through either an up and downstroke. It has three various nozzle attachments that cater to many valves. It is meant to last longer because of its durable structure. It is also portable and easily used.

This high-volume facility hand pump has an enduring and lightweight plastic body. It facilitates easy inflation and deflation by simply changing the hose connection. It is consists of an accordion hose with three nozzles and one needle to suit on small, average, and huge air valves.

Conclusion: The use of High-Output Air Pump – Double Quick III will immediately assist you in inflating any object anytime and anywhere you like. Its high volume output works to inflate air mattresses faster than a regular hand pump. You will find it useful to bring this air pump when you are going camping or going to the beach.

– Portable
– Lightweight
– Able to pump air both up and down strokes
– Has an accordion hose and three various nozzles to suit many inflatables

– Size is quite huge

#7. WEY&FLY High Output Hand Pump Double Quick Air Pump

WEY & FLY Air Mattress Hand Pumps

The WEY & FLY High Output Hand Pump Double Quick Air Pump is a superior output manually-inflated pump that is designed to be strong, handy, and easy-to-use. This large-size and high volume hand pump also comprise an accordion hose with three joining nozzles to suit inflation valves in small to large diameters. It also has needle valves.

Its universal valve fittings equip this pump to inflate not just the air mattresses but also pool rafts and inflatable boats. It exhibits a design that allows pumping of air either in up or down strokes, hence, maximizes the flow of air, making the process of inflation fast and easy.

Conclusion: WEY & FLY High Output Hand Pump Double Quick Air Pump is perfect when you are going on a trip or going camping and will need a portable manual air pump. It is lightweight and measures just enough to fit in your bag. It is an affordable alternative to a battery-operated pump.

– Has universal valve fittings
– Long-lasting, very handy, and easy to operate
– High-volume airflow whether upstroke or downstroke

– More pumping is required to finish the job

#8. Zone Tech Siphon Fuel Liquid Transfer Pump- Hand Gasoline

Zone Tech Siphon Air PumpHand Gas Liquid Air Pump

The Zone Tech Siphon Air Pump-Hand Gas Liquid Air Pump is one of the most practical and fundamental accessories. The pump exhibits a 200cc Cylinder facility. It pumps gas oil or any form of liquid into the air mattress as well as other inflatable objects like tires, balloons, and swimming pools.

The pump is made from superior quality material to offer the most enduring and strongest pump available. It is designed with rubber hoses that can hold off chemical reactions triggered by the different fluids interjected to them. This pump is expected to last longer. Also, the pump is ideal for emergencies.

Conclusion: This is a remarkable pump that can be used on many occasions. Rather than blowing the air mattress with your mouth, this remarkable equipment can carry out the task efficiently and effortlessly. It does not only finish the job well, but it also does the job faster than the usual pumps.

– Lasts a long time
– Made from an excellent material
– Exhibits a 200cc cylinder facility

– May work slow and quite messy if working with a liquid

#9. Airhead SUP Super High Pressure Hand Pump

AIRHEAD SUP Super High Pressure HandPump

The AIRHEAD SUP Super High-Pressure Hand Pump is made well with an aluminum shaft. It works well in inflating inflatable sups and air mattresses to excellent pressure. It works with high pressure that can reach up to 15 psi. It also has a manometer or air pressure gauge. The gauge will still work even without the pump; hence, it is simple to obtain the reading and check what pressure is currently in the chamber.

This pump is very convenient since it is lightweight and easy to operate, plus it suits the forward storage space so you can bring it along with you during trips and adventures.

Conclusion: The AIRHEAD SUP Super High-Pressure Hand Pump is an admirable product with the inclusion of air pressure gauge. It is a prudent item for particular uses, although it can be a little expensive.

– Has an air pressure gauge
– Built with an aluminum shaft
– Inflates to excellent pressure
– High pressure that can reach up to 15 psi

– Can be a little expensive

Buying Guide of Air Mattress Hand Pumps

When buying the best air mattress hand pumps, it will be helpful to use several tricks to obtain the best selections. Here are some of the things that you need to consider:

The main reason why you should consider the brand when buying an air mattress hand pump is that certain brands have a good reputation in producing durable items, while others possess the most recent technology.

The features of the hand pump is also an important consideration in determining your item. You should consider the kind of material used, ease of use, and the structure of pumping.

Does it offer the right accessories? Always make sure that you buy a pump that is easy to repair in the event it gets broken while in use.

Final Conclusion

Choosing the best air mattress hand pumps is not that easy. With a lot of options available in the market nowadays, you have to make sure that you carefully distinguish the proper hand pump for your air mattress.

The products featured here are all proven to impress in their performance. If you want to get the best air mattress hand pumps, then choosing one from them may guarantee your satisfaction. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.